Ultrafine Copper Powder Isotope

Ultrafine Copper Powder Isotope

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We offer High Purity Copper Powder: Chemical purity of the Copper Powder is not less than 99, 999%, Cu63 69.09% +/ - 0.05%; C65u 30.91% +/ - 0.03%. Product quality is certified by GIREDMET, IGAS GmbH (Germany). Country of origin - Russian .....
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Isotope Selenium 74

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Isotope Selenium 74 (Se 74) Chemical purity of 99.98%, Isotopic purity of not less than 27.81%. Can supply up to 5 kg per month. Price for 1 oz. 39 000 $. Assessment is made by IGAS GmbH (Germany) In the presence of certificates GIREDMET
Russian Federation


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PRODUCT: COPPER ISOTOPE POWDER ISOTOPIC CONTENT: 63Cu - 69.1% / 65Cu - 30.9% (IGAS GmbH) PURITY: 99.997% (IGAS GmbH) ORIGIN: Russian Federation QUANTITY: 550 kilos PRICE: valued at E2950 per gram by Sigma Aldrich (August.....
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copper powder

copper powder

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CONSULTANT METAL LTD produces and sells Ultrafine Copper Powder (PMU). TU-1793-011-50316079-2004.CONSULTANT METAL LTD BVI realizes PMU (powder copper ultrafine). Chemical purity of PMU, in accordance with Giredmet and IGAS certificates, is not ...
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