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5000VA AVR automatic voltage regulator home stabilizer

With Powerhero Automatic Voltage Regulator can best protect your appliance from voltage fluctuation, ensure your appliance giving its best performance.   Authentic zero-crossing technology. Taylor-made C.R.G.O. transformer. High performance...

Transformer for Microwave Ovens

Description; Brand Name: GREWIN Transformer Phase: Single Coil number: Autotransformer Usage: Instrument Model : EI Coil structure: EI Lamination Power: 0.15-1,500W Input Voltage AC380V-240V-230V-220V-120V-110V-100V Application Instruments ...

High-voltage Transformer, Suitable for Microwave Ovens

Key Specifications/Special Features: • Application: o Microwave ovens o Rice cooker o DVD o Water heater o Washing machine Sales manager: Juliana Fan MSN: Skype: ...

High-voltage Transformer, Suitable for Microwave Ovens

High-voltage Transformer, Suitable for Microwave Ovens Model Number:FAT03-34 Key Specifications/Special Features: • Application: o Microwave ovens o Rice cooker o DVD o Water heater o Washing machine In addititon, our products catalogues are as ...

EE RM ETD EPC ER EP High frequency transformer

Our Pin type transformers are designed and made of low power consumption high-quality silicon steel sheet. They have advantages of low no-load loss, high efficiency, low temperature rise, etc. They can have different mounting types: lead-wire type, ...

Factory direct selling,800W Pure Sine Wave High Frequency Inverter

This high frequency inverter instantly converts low voltage DC power to high voltage AC power with the advanced double CPU SCM intelligent controlling technology. With innovative design and super efficiency, high frequency inverter is low noise but ...

High voltage transformer

High voltage transformer for microwave ovenAC 220V/50Hz, 300-1100W, R classHVT-850Microwave oven

1-3KW UPS Pure Sine Wave Inverter With Charger ( LCD Screen )

It features a built-in multi-state charger to ensure batteries are recharged safely and efficiently as well as an integrated 30A transfer switch with supplementary breaker. This provides for a smooth transition between shore power and battery power, ...

ST-12 Open-type Temperature Switch

The thermostat is widely applied in hair drier, heater, fan, hot air gun, laminator, transformer, microwave oven. etc 2) Small size, high temperature sensitivity, high current 3) Temperature disc without current through and avoid thermal effects 4) ...

diodes for microwave ovens

Our diodes are extensively used in fly-back transformers, high-voltage generators, microwave ovens,X-ray machines, anion generators,inductive ovens and high voltage power supplies.

Selling Leads

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Microwave Oven Ranage Components

** Microwave Oven Ranage Components 1) Magnetron (LG, Samsung, Daewoo, Panasonic, Witol) 2) High Voltages Transformer(used in Samsung, Daewoo, LG, Galanz, Witol) 3) High voltages Capacitor (bacai, Hansung, Taeyang) 4) Glass tray.....
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Date: Jun 11, 2007
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