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High strength ECR4800D E-glass yarn

High strength ECR4800D E-glass yarn E-glass yarn is twisted with the monofilament diameter of 3.8-13um after is characteristic of high strengh,corrosion,high temperature ,moisture absortption,less electrical insulation. Application: It .....

Glass Fiber Tape,Glass Fibre Tape,Fiberglass Tape ,Non-Alkal Fiberglass Yarn Tape.

Glass Fiber Tape,Glass Fibre Tape,Fiberglass tape,Non-alkali Fiberglass Tape. Non-alkali Fiberglass Tape is made of the non-alkali glass fiber yarns,The main component is E-glass,oxidation potassium oxidation sodium,for which the content of .....
Twist-glass yarns

Twist-glass yarns

Detailed Product Description 1. Color: Raw White or other you'ld like; 2. Denier: 50~2000D; 3. Twisting: 50~2000TPM; 4. Weight: 1~3kg/cone (FDY), 1~4kg/cone (DTY) Application: 1. Specializing in the polyester filament twisted yarn, which is .....
Sell High Quartz Silica Glass Fiber Yarn (SR25)

Sell High Quartz Silica Glass Fiber Yarn (SR25)

Fiber fineness: 3 ~ 25 μ M Purity: More than 99.9 percent content of SiO2 Performance: Melting point: 1710 degree Crystallization temperature: 70dgree above Thermotolerant performance: 1200 degree half hour starts not to change form crisply. .....

Fiber fibre glass yarn fire-retardant-sound proof water-proof insulated

Fiberglass yarn use of raw materials, applicable to weave wire and cable coating, casing, mines fuse, all kinds Fiberglass yarn JIUJIANG HUIRONG TRADE CO.,LTD. Product Name E-glass fiber yarn twist Series specifications 1/0 Single-twist .....

glass fiber yarn

Characteristic: 1.YAOXING high silica cloth is a kind of high temperature resistant inorganic fibers 2.The highest temperature near 1700℃ and its working temperature is 1000℃. 3.Easy to machining,and widely used material.It can be as .....
Insulating Glass Banding Tape

Insulating Glass Banding Tape

Insulations Banding Tape is a high strength non-woven glass tape used for banding of rotor, armatures and transformer core. It consists of high strength glass yarns laid parallel, impregnated with special high temperature thermosetting polyester .....
E-glass fiberglass yarn

E-glass fiberglass yarn

Fiberglass Yarn: 1.High electric insulation 2.High tensile strength 3.Stand high temperature and humid 1,Descirption:Eglass or C glass Fiberglass yarn, Using glass yarn ball as the raw material, with advanced production technology and .....

Glass yarn reinforced film, JLW-308,free-tack, strengthed, for wrapping, covering and protection use

Bi directional tape, free-tack, strengthed, resist to moisture and scuffing, for bundling and fixing interior parts of cable Physical Properties: Adhesive Type Synthenic Rubber Resin Backing PET Reinforcement Glass Yarn Total Thickness .....
E/C-glass fiberglass yarn

E/C-glass fiberglass yarn

Description:E-glass or C-glass Fiberglass yarn, Using glass yarn ball as the raw material, with advanced production technology and equipment, strict management and scientific detection. This fiberglass yarn has the properties of insulation, .....


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glass yarn filament Tape JLW-328, binding tape ROHS & ISO9001:2000

Glass yarn filament Tape JLW-328, ROHS & ISO9001:2000 JLW-328 Backed with PET/BOPP film and reinforced with glass fiber. It's high strength bi-directional filament tape with high viscosity;suitable for bundling heavy objects and carton packing;general ...

Environmental protection of alkali-free glass fiber yarn

Name:Environmental protection of alkali-free glass fiber yarn Main:24tex 33tex Non-alkali yarn Ingredients: non-alkali yarn Vount: 21S levels: A levelElectrical insulation Textiles

E-glass Fiberglass Yarn

1. E-glass fiberglass yarn is made of fiberglass roving yarns which are bulked and blown through special instrument with high pressure air. 2. E-glass fiberglass yarn has high strength as continuous fiber and fluffiness as staple fiber, low thermal ...

fiberglass yarn

1) Fiberglass yarn uses glass yarn ball as the raw material 2) It has the properties of insulation, fireproof and softness C-glass or E-glass twisted yarn is characterized by its high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and low moisture ...

Fiberglass mesh cloth

Fiberglass screen Merit of fiberglass screen : 1.long service life ,Beautiful shape, rigorous structure . 2.widely used in window and door , It has corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging, fire prevention performance is good, no need to paint ...


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Royal Glass Fiber Ltd.

Royal glassfiber has two factories with 100 Platinum Crucibles and 120 Weaving Looms, and a productivity of 12,000 ton C-glass Roving and 50 million m2 Fiberglass Fabric. Specialied in products as follows: Fiberglass Yarn Fiberglass mesh ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Hong Kong

Polotsk-Steklovolokno, JSC

JSC "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" was founded in 1958 to develop and bring fresh and innovative approach to production of glass fiber and materials on its base. Today the company is one of the leading manufacturers of glass fiber based materials in the ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Ningbo Fitow High Strength Composites Co., Ltd.

NingBo Fitow High Strength Composites Co.,Ltd. is specialized in glassfiber and basalt research & development, manufacture, marketing.Our main business stretches to fiberglass fabric/belt,coating fiberglass,fiber glass yarn/woven roving, chopped ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co,Ltd (former Jiangsu Jiuding Group) was established in 1994 with registered capital of 17.576 million RMB. The company specializes in production and sales of glass fiber yarn, fabrics and final products, FRP products. ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

Rich-King Imp. And Exp.(HK) Co., Ltd.

We are a leading glass fiber yarn and its machine manufacturer who adopt advanced international management mode combing with company fact and possess of a high-capability professional technical team and internationalization management team.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Wholesaler/Retailer

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water-activated kraft paper tape with reinforcing PET yarn

we are looking for water-activating kraft paper tape with reinforcing PET (and/or glass fiber) yarn, applicable for corrugated carton box making and closing flap

glass fibre

we are looking mfg.of glass fibre yarn,cloth,tape