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GYFTY with e-glass yarn

The fibers are positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic. The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. The tube is wrapped with a layer of Kevlar. Between the glass yarn and the loose tube water-blocking material is ...

plastic ball chain making machine

whatsapp :+86 18989682282 My SKYPE number :docwhexport Mail : plastic prayer Rosary Beaded Beads Chain Mould Machine roman zebra plastic jewelry crystal wire wrapped rosary beaded beads ball ...

glass yarn filament Tape JLW-328, binding tape ROHS & ISO9001:2000

Glass yarn filament Tape JLW-328, ROHS & ISO9001:2000 JLW-328 Backed with PET/BOPP film and reinforced with glass fiber. It's high strength bi-directional filament tape with high viscosity;suitable for bundling heavy objects and carton packing;general ...

fiberglass wire mesh screen

Fiberglass Mesh is woven by fiberglass yarn as its basis mesh, and then coated by alkaline resistant latex. It has fine alkaline-resistant, high strength, etc. As an ideal engineering material in construction, it is widely used for wall warm keeping, ...

Fiberglass roving

1.The material of fiber glass yarn is Silane sizing or paraffin,with good integrity, uniform tesion and high tensile strength. 2.Minimal Fuzz during processing. 3.Good imprgnation , good fiber dispersion and high composite mechnical properities. ...

Sell-2843W-Epoxy resin impregnated Fiberglass binding tape

Impregnated fiberglass binding tape consists of treated, unidirectional,continuose,twisted or untwisted E-glass yarns twisted preimpregnated with a special thermosetting resin. This kind of product has high tensile strength, high modulus and shocks...

C-class roving fiberglass yarn /yarn roll/pvc coated fiberglass yarn

C-glass twisted yarn is characterized by its high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and low moisture absorption properties. Our company can supply different directions of twist, plies and linear density yarns with different shaped ...

E-Glass Yarn Type and Alkali Free Double Sided PTFE Teflon fabric coated fiberglass cloth

fiberglass fabric use best imported Fiberglass yarn as the weaving material to plain knit or specially knit into superior fiberglass basic cloth, coat it with fine PTFE(Teflon) resin then make it into various PTFE(Teflon) fabricin different thickness ...

Environmental protection of alkali-free glass fiber yarn

Name:Environmental protection of alkali-free glass fiber yarn Main:24tex 33tex Non-alkali yarn Ingredients: non-alkali yarn Vount: 21S levels: A levelElectrical insulation Textiles

Fire resistant fiberglass fly mesh /120g 18*16 fiberglass window screen

Fiberglass Mosquito Net is woven from permanent glass yarn which has been coated with a protective vinyl to ensure lasting beauty, colour(black, gray) and flexibility. Fiberglass is noncombustible and will not rust, corrode or stain. Lightweight and ...

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Fibre Glass Yarn / Cloth / Rope / Tape

Fibre Glass is widely applied as insulation of soft or hard tubes, heat insulation covering of heater and cooler, fire resistant shell, because of its brilliant characteristics of high intensity, low density and good insulation. There are a variety .....

Glass Fiber Tape,Glass Fibre Tape,Fiberglass Tape ,Non-Alkal Fiberglass Yarn Tape.

Glass Fiber Tape,Glass Fibre Tape,Fiberglass tape,Non-alkali Fiberglass Tape. Non-alkali Fiberglass Tape is made of the non-alkali glass fiber yarns,The main component is E-glass,oxidation potassium oxidation sodium,for which the content of .....

High strength ECR4800D E-glass yarn

High strength ECR4800D E-glass yarn E-glass yarn is twisted with the monofilament diameter of 3.8-13um after is characteristic of high strengh,corrosion,high temperature ,moisture absortption,less electrical insulation. Application: It .....

E-Glass Yarn Type and Alkali Free Alkali Content ptfe teflon coated fiberglass cloth

Product description: PTFE is high performance engineering speciality polymer. It has a unique position in the plastic industry due to its chemical inertness, Heat resistance, excellent electric insulation properties and low coefficient of friction. .....

Twist-glass yarns

Detailed Product Description 1. Color: Raw White or other you'ld like; 2. Denier: 50~2000D; 3. Twisting: 50~2000TPM; 4. Weight: 1~3kg/cone (FDY), 1~4kg/cone (DTY) Application: 1. Specializing in the polyester filament twisted yarn, which is .....


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Qingdao Yuheng New Material Corp.Limited

Manufacturer from China, mainly produce: 1) Fiberglass series fiberglass yarn; fiberglass cloth; fiberglass insulation tape; fiberglass roving; fiberglass woven roving; fiberglass mat; fiberglass insulation sleeves 2) Carbon fiber series: carbon ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Royal Glass Fiber Ltd.

Royal glassfiber has two factories with 100 Platinum Crucibles and 120 Weaving Looms, and a productivity of 12,000 ton C-glass Roving and 50 million m2 Fiberglass Fabric. Specialied in products as follows: Fiberglass Yarn Fiberglass mesh ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Hong Kong

Polotsk-Steklovolokno, JSC

JSC "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" was founded in 1958 to develop and bring fresh and innovative approach to production of glass fiber and materials on its base. Today the company is one of the leading manufacturers of glass fiber based materials in the ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Qingdao Golden Pegasus Industrial Trading Co.,Limited

We do building Materials for many years. And supply Building Stone, Fibreglass Products with good quality at best price.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter


Founded in 2003, F.I.T. is a manufacturer that produce the glass fiber plied yarn in Taiwan.Our products include 5-9 micrometer glass fiber like G37, G75, G150, E225, D450, D900, and D1800.Ply 2-7 glass fiber strands, the tpi is between 2 and 7 S or Z.
Business Type: Manufacturer

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water-activated kraft paper tape with reinforcing PET yarn

we are looking for water-activating kraft paper tape with reinforcing PET (and/or glass fiber) yarn, applicable for corrugated carton box making and closing flap

glass fibre

we are looking mfg.of glass fibre yarn,cloth,tape