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TCS service is available!

by ecplaza on Thu, May 31 2012 09:05:34

TCS is an acronym for Trade Cost Simulation.
TCS is a world's first program providing digitalized international trade business, which is actually quite complicated in an easy mode.
TCS provides easily accessible information concerning requirements, regulations, procedures and systems which are different from country to country for all items concerned. It is very effective especially when you try to figure out non-tariff barriers of your own country, partners or third power, and to research trade process by item, and to get the information on expenses and the period for the preparation and implementation of trade concerned. This is a paid service and provided by itsilkroad.com as an ECPlaza partner.
To use TCS service, simply sign up for itsilkroad.com, when you sign up, you can get a free coupon which can be used ten times in five days

We hope that this service will help you in your international business.

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