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WebFax Service Launched!

by ecplaza on Mon, Nov 21 2011 02:38:44

WebFax Service Launched!

Introducing a new service, ECPlaza WebFax service.

“Tired of getting your mails spam filtered?”
“Do you want to send fax easily by using computer?”

“The solution is ECPlaza WebFax Service!”

Send fax easily without fax machines by computer.
ECPlaza WebFax service allows you to send fax to everywhere without any country restrictions, moreover with just a click you can send your fax to numerous groups of people. Also, you can organize your sent faxes at ‘My Trade Office’.

By recharging WebFax Coin with reasonable price you are able to correspond with your customers worldwide.

- Directions using WebFax -

1. To send WebFax Directly

Search ‘Trade Leads’ or ‘Products’ on ECPlaza. You’ll find ‘Send WebFax’ button.
- Click to send WebFax directly.

2. To save company information and send group faxes

1) Search products and trade leads in ECPlaza and add company information to your ‘Cart’.

2) Company information will be sent automatically to your ‘Inquiry Box’ in your ‘My Trade Office’.
- To get to WebFax Cart : ‘My Trade Office’ -> ‘Inquiry’ -> ‘WebFax’ -> ‘My Cart’

- My Trade Office -> WebFax Page

- My Trade Office -> My WebFax -> My Cart

3) Select companies you wish to send WebFax then click ‘Send WebFax’

3. How to recharge WebFax Coins
- Path to ‘Recharge WebFax Coin’ :
‘My Trade Office’ -> ‘Inquiry’ -> ‘WebFax’ -> ‘Recharge WebFax Coin’

You can recharge WebFax Coins starting from USD 100.
Payment can be made by Telegraphic Transfer.
Coins are deducted according to the ‘Service fee list’ below.

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