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NPK 20-20-20+TE Compound Fertilizer Typ NPK for Sale

NPK 20-20-20+TE Compound Fertilizer Typ NPK  : 1)  Adopt high purity, complete water soluble industrial raw material 2)  Use TURBO production technology and formular 3)  Balance ratio of various nutrient, adding 0.5% TE. 4)...

100% water soluble fertilizer, NPK, compound fertilizer, nitrogen potassium phosphate

We, are a famous & professional Phosphate salt and Specialty fertilizers manufacturer in Sichuan Province (Panda'hometown), China, worldwidely OEM brand can be also provided. Our main products as below for your reference. Solid Soluble Fertilizer 100% ...

NPK fertilizer 15-15-30+TE

Powder Soluble NPK fertilizer 15-15-30+TE Plant Growth Fertilizers Soluble NPK fertilizer 15-15-30+TE Appearance: white or color crystal powder Total N: 15.0%min, P2O5: 15.0%min, K2O: 30.0%min, Total N+P2O5+K2O: 60.0%min, Cl: 0.1%max, Insolubles in ...
Category: Agriculture | Urea

NPK Compound Fertilizer

1. Quick Details Brand Name: REAPCHEM Pro Name: Water Soluble Fertilizer Release Type: Quick Place of Origin: Shandong, China Molecular Formula: NPK+Trace element Appearance: White or colored powder Application: Vegetables, Flowers,...

NPK fertilizer

The fertilizer is the first domestic original creation,has applied for national patent(ZL:201410596090.5). On the premise of crop increase production,Save fertiliser use 20%-30%,Reduce irrigation by 20%, Improve the fertilizer utilization rate of 45%. ...

Compound Water Soluble fertilizer NPK 20-20-20+TE

NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer 20+20+20+TE with comprhensive nutrients for crops Compound Water Soluble Fertilizer NPK 20-20-20 Te, foliar fertilizer Free of hormone and chloride 100% water soluble Balanced formula for rapid growth, high yield, superior ...

npk fertilizer 20-20-20

npk compound fertilizer different formulas are available easily absorbed by crops controlled release suit to most cropsdifferent grades of NPK compound fertilizer (in granular, soluble powder ) according to the demands of customers. LINONG ...


NPK Fertilizer 8-8-8 specification :1-3mm 2-4mm organic fertilizer NPK 5-5-5 NPK 8-8-8 NPK 10-10-10 NPK 15-15-15 We can produce all kinds of NPK as your demands. Min. Order: 20Metric Tons NPK Fertilizer 15-15-15 Nitrogen:15%min. P2O5:15%min ...

NPK 15-15-15 , 20-20-20 ,10 10 5 fertilizer prices

  Product Name    N.P.K. Fertilizer   MODEL NO TF-NPK CAS NO 66455-26-3  HS Code 31052000 EINECS NO 233-140-8 Product Name NP Fertilizer  PK Fertilizer  NK Fertilizer  NPK...

Npk Fertilizer

Description characteristics: Product Name: Nutricote Synonyms: Nitrogen-phosphate-potassium fertilizers CAS RN.: 66455-26-3 pakcage:25kgs/bag or according to your need application: NPK is the kind of fertilizer containing two or three elements of ...

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Sell fertilizer NPK

Dear Sir! Our Russian export company sell fertilizer NPK 16-16-16, 22-11-11, 23-22-0, 26-13-0, 18-9-18, 17-9-19, 21-4-10, 20-10-10, 21-8-11, 25-5-5, 24-6-12, 15-15-15, 20-20-0, 22-22-0, 20-10-5, 26-5-5, 13-13-24, 15-15-20 Please, send us your .....
Date: Oct 27, 2016

NPK fertilizer

Product Formulation Appearance NP Fertilizer N.P. 10-10-0 N.P. 20-20-0 N.P.16-20-0 N.P.23-21-0+4S Granular:2-4mm PK Fertilizer P.K. 0-20-20 P.K. 0-23-19 P.K.0-23-20 P.K. 0-5-35 P.K.0-18-18 P.K. 0-10-20 Granular:2-4mm NK Fertilizer N.P.K. 19-0-19 .....

water soluble fertilizer npk 20-20-20+TE

water soluble fertilizer npk 20-20-20+TE NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer 20+20+20+TE with comprhensive nutrients for crops Water Soluble Fertilizer Free of hormone and chloride 100% water soluble Balanced formula for rapid growth, high yield, .....

Soluble Amino Acid compound NPK 16-00-01 organic fertilizer

Free amino acid(plant original)8% Total amino acid(plant original) 10% Total Nitrogen 16% Organic matter 20% Potassium 1%
Date: Mar 26, 2016


We are one of the biggest manufacture of NPK fertilizer in SHandong province, China. And we could produce various formular according to the Customer's demand. Our some granular specification is as below for your kind reference: Granular Compound .....
Date: Mar 11, 2013
Category: Chemicals | Fertilizer


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Agrinoon Enterprise Limited

Agrinoon produce and export good quality NPK fertilizer including granular NPK such as NPK 12-12-17+2MgO, 15-15-15, and soluble NPK such as NPK 20-20-20, 15-15-30, etc. With quality product and excellent service, we look forward to your inquiry.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Saf Sulphur Factory For Agricultural And Industrial

Saf Sulphur Company for agricultural and industrial is a Saudi Arabian based manufacturing and general trading company footed in Central, Eastern and Western parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with home base in Riyadh City. Our company has ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Saudi Arabia

Ferm-O-Feed B.V.

Ferm-O-Feed is a specialist of organic fertilizer production and also the biggest organic fertilizer manufacturer in the Netherlands, with a history over 20 years.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Category: Chemicals | Fertilizer


We are manufacture of animal feed(kapok seed meal, corn cob meal), kapok seed oil, and fertilizer(NPK 15-15-15, Phosphate 18%-20%, Kascing)
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor

Shanxi Jiaocheng Hongxing Chemical Co.,ltd

Our company is one of the largest private nitric acid and nitrates manufacturer in China,which is divided into one coal mine and three chemical plants,now the annual output is 150,000tons of nitrate,50,000tons of carbonate,20,000 tons of phosphate.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

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buy NPK fertilizer

we are in need of NPK fertilizer for a Jatropha plantation . Two types of NPK fertilizers are needed, 15-20-35 and 30-30-20. Can you provide quote FOB price with Minimum order size as well? Pls feel free to contact me on lois.jiang at kinglt-chem .....

Npk Fertilizers

We are interested in buying NPK FERTILIZER. NPK 20 10 10 5,000 MT NPK 15 15 15 4,000 MT NPK 12 12 17mgo 3,500 MT TOTAL 12,500 MT

Looking for NPK Fertilizers

Ref : AGV/PRO/2372 Item Description: Looking for NPK Fertilizers Specifications: NPK-Fertilizer 20+10+10 20% N total nitrogen max. 10% nitrate-nitrogen min. 10% ammonia-nitrogen 10% P2O5 neutral ammonium citrate 6,5% P2O5.....

We buy fertilizer npk 15 15 15 , 20 10 10 Urea 46%

Dsrnetwork is a registered company with Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as dealer in fertilizer, wheat, rice, sugar, crude oil blco and forcados etc. We buy & supply in large quantity. Our aim is developing a workable and lasting .....

NPK, Urea Fertilizers

We from FIS International Import & Export are looking for a supplier of fertilizers able to produce NPK Fertilizer(02-20-20) or similar; Urea(45%) or similar. Brazilian market for fertilizers is growing fast and the demand is always high, so we.....