Whereas, the only representative and legally permitted franchiser in managing the 'Global B2B Trade Network', 'EC Plaza Network, Inc.' formally requires this 'articles of association' to the business party who has an intention for franchise relation with EC Plaza Network, Inc.

Whereas, prior to concluding a franchise contract, any party to be a franchisee of EC Plaza Network, Inc. should meet the suggested stipulations on criterion, as franchisees they must maintain their business-stance in compliance with the agreement over the whole duration on franchise contract.

1. Introduction  
Clause I :
2. Contents to Be Supported by EC
Plaza Network, Inc.
as the Franchiser
2-1. Training
2-2. Investigation on the Location of Franchisee
2-3. Consulting
2-4. Marketing Advertisement
2-5. Assistance for Opening the Office
2-6. Business Operating Manuals
Clause II :
3. The Core-Notice on the Policy to
the Franchisee
3-1. EC Plaza's Brand Name Using Term (1 year)
3-2. Language
3-3. Penalty for Breach of the Contracts
3-4. Transfer of EC Plaza Franchise
3-5. Global DB Service Development
3-6. Share Distribution of Benefit (On/Off-line Selling)
3-7. Place to Operate System
3-8. Submission of Financial Statement
3-9. Concurrence of Dispute
3-10. Transfer of Trademark and Business Right
3-11. Business Territory
3-12. Price for Global Service
Clause III:
4. Franchisee's Obligations
4-1. Maintenance of Franchise Commitments
4-2. Keeping up Construction and Operating Schedules
4-3. Development of National Site Contents
4-4. Fees
4-5. Working Capital
4-6. Staff Training
4-7. Purchase Specific Goods or Services
4-8. Assignment of Franchise License to Others
4-9. Advertisement
4-10. Business Insurance
4-11. Inspection on the premise of franchisee
Clause IV:
5. Advantages of Franchising to the
5-1. National Sites on Trade
5-2. Being a Chain
5-3. Efficient Management
5-4. Support of Activities
5-5. Collaborated Services
5-6. World Best Online Business
Clause V:
6. Basic Qualification of the Party to Be
a Franchisee
6-1. Willingness for Promoting Our Global Business
6-2. Credibility (Honesty and Fair Dealing)
6-3. Basic Financing Ability (Partial Capital Mobilizing)
6-4. Equity Capital to Purchase the Franchise and Operate It Until the Franchisee's Income Equals the Franchisee's Expenses (Where Is the Franchisee Going to Get It?)
6-5. Belief on the Innate Ability, Training, and Experience to Work Profitably
6-6. Readiness to Spend Much or All of the Remainder of Business Life with the Franchiser
6-7. The Level of Information Infra Required Operating e-commerce
6-8. Participation Requirements For a Franchisee,Directors, Management or Employees
6-9. Web Site Development & Site Selection with its Acquisition
6-10. Site selection and Acquisition
6-11. Marketing Capability
6-12. Joining Fee Payment
6-13. Maintenance of DB and Other Information Appearance of Premises
6-14. Territorial Development and Publicity
6-15. Warranties and Customer Services
6-16. Insurance
6-17. Franchise Operation Training
6-18. Facilities and Equipments Necessary for Franchise Business

NB: The above contents describing the qualification of franchisee could be flexibly applied case by case.
If you have a particular interest and need further detail on our franchise policy, please contact us anytime