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Pentaerythritol Tristearate

Pentaerythritol tristearate(PETS-3) can dissolve in solvents, for example ethanol and benzene. Commercial product usually is white solid wax in flake or powder form with high melting point.we recommend PETS-3 to be used in the compounding of PA6,PA66 ...

Black Masterbatch T3030

Specification Sheet Model:T3030 The model is made of modified compounding material as carrier and pigment carbon black, EBS and PE wax additives. Carbon black percentage 55%. Appearance: 2.0*3.5mm black slice pellet Property: Environment-friendly, ...

wood wax oil garden outdoor

garden wood oil is refined from natural vegetable oil, and vegetable wax, which can foam a durable protective layer on the surface of wood products. This protective layer has a lotus leaf effect, so that the initial formation of water droplets can ...

Pentaerythritol Stearate(PETS)

Pentaerythritol Stearate(PETS) Pentaerythritol stearate (PETS, dividing into PETS-3, namely pentaerythritol tristearate and PETS-4, namely pentaerythritol tetrastearate) can dissolve in solvents, for example ethanol and benzene. Usually is white solid ...

Ethylene Bis Stearamide (EBS) CAS NO: 110-30-5

This product, in fine yellowy granule, is a hard and brittle white high melting wax. It is non toxic, no side effects on the human body.Under normal temperature, it's insoluble in most of solvents, stable to acid, base and aqueous medium, but soluble ...

Homo PP Environment-friendly Flame Retardant & Masterbatch

This is a new environmental flame retardant, mainly used in homo-PP which can reach UL94 V-2. The effective substance is the environment-friendly Br,P,N composition. Low additive amount, so in the modified PP products, it can meet the demands of ...

fluorescent brighteners

Fluorescent brighteners (optical brighteners)Fluorescent Brightener-OB Chemical name: 2.5-bis (5-ter.butyl-2-benzoxazoly) thiophene Molecular formula: C26H26SO2N2 Molecular weight: 430, 575 Properties: Bright yellow green crystal powder, odorless. ...

Sunlube EBS

Chemical Name : Ethylene bis stearamide Origin : South Korea SUNLUBE is a synthesized wax from stearic acid by SUN KOO CHEMICAL LTD. and trade name of N,N’-Ethylene bis-stearamide which is commercially applied for lubrication, pigmentation and ...

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wax lubricant

Main supplier of plastic additives PE wax, PP wax, OPE wax, EVA WAX, CPE, EBS,HEEBS,MASTERBATCH ADDITIVES, PHOSPHATE ESTER COUPLING AGENT used as lubricant , stabilizer , emulsifier, color dispersant and so on in China. Our products mainly used in .....
Henan Kingway Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Date: Sep 26, 2014
Henan Kingway Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

AS carrier Black Masterbatch AS3082

Specification Sheet Model:AS3082 The model is made of virgin AS (SAN) as carrier and pigment carbon black, EBS and PE wax additives. Carbon black percentage 42%. Appearance: 2.0*3.5mm black slice pellet Application: Specially used for AS/ABS .....

CPE wax

Molecular weigh Melted point Color Appearance Acid value Added quantity% 2000~3000 90~110℃White or light yellowGranule 10~280.1~0.5 90~100℃White or yellow Granule 34~50 3000~4000 90~104℃ White or yellow Granule.....
Date: Aug 21, 2007

EBS (ethylene bis stearamide), Artificial wax

We are one of leading 3 biggest manufacturer to produce ethylene bis stearamide (Hi-Lube) and other products Zinc Stearate (HI-Flow) in Asia based in Korea. So, we are supplying a lot of EBS (Hi-Lube) and Zn-St (Hi-Flow) to famous petro-chemical.....

Recycle Plastic, Fatty Acid Amide, Synthetic Wax

Dear Sirs ; We can offer you as following products ; 1> Recycle Plastic : PC/ABS/PC+ABS/PBT/PA/SAN/etc.. 2> Synthetic Wax : PE/PP/EBS/etc... 3> Fatty Acid Amide : EA/OA/SA/etc.. 4> Others : With Best Regards, Bong.....
Date: Nov 16, 1999


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Guangzhou Run Feng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Run Feng Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional imp&exp trade company established in 1998, we have full experience in chemical imp & exp. business. pls click the our hongkong company web site to view some
Business Type: Exporter, Agent

ISA Transworld (M) Sdn Bhd

Supply of synthetic waxes at most competitive prices
Business Type: Exporter, Importer, Agent

Shanghai HuayiChem Auxiliary Co.,LTD

Auxiliaries we making are: stabilizers for PVC, plastifiers,lubricants, modifiers for processing, fortifiers, color dispersants, plastic lubricants, aperture agents, lubricant additives, composite lubricants used in high temperature and etc.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter


We, IREH CORPORATION are a leading exporter & Importer of SYNTHETIC WAX( PP/PE/ EBS Wax), Plastic Resin( LDPE/HDPE/PP/PC/ABS/PET ...), Plastic Film/Sheet, Al-Foil, Artficial marble, Microcapsule of Heat Storage, Vitamin E, Fragrant,Thermo Chromic,etc
Business Type: Exporter, Importer

Shin Woun Chemical Co., Ltd.

metalsoap(zn-st,ca-st,mg-st), ebs-wax,magnesium-hydroxide, produce maker
Business Type: Manufacturer

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EBS wax wanted

We are in a capacity to buy EBS wax . Anyone who can offer these waxes to us pls kindly send us the detail specification and price list.
Guangzhou Ergcure Chemical Trade Co.,Ltd.