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Keywords:hydromorphone, 466-99-9, Dilaudid, Palladone, Hymorphon, Novolaudon, Laudicon, Dihydromorfinon, Dihydromorphinone, Dimorphone, Hydromorphon, Hymorphan Product name:HYDROMORPHONE CAS:466-99-9 Molecular Formula:C17H19NO3 Formula Weight:285.34 .....
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Dilaudids-(Hydromorphones) Tablets and Injectables

Dilaudids-(Hydromorphones) Tablets and Injectables

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we are highly trusted distrubutors of drugs and reseach chemicals worldwide. We have dilaudids tabs and injectables set currently available for immediate delivery in any desired quantity. other products are also available. please Contact us now for ...

Global Trade International

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We are leading exporters and importers of pharmaceuticals and other products.We are specialized in Pain Killers since 1983 such as Hydromorphones(Dilaudids) 4mg-8mg, Adderall 30mg, Ritalin 10mg, Oxycontin Oc 80mg, Adderall, Roxicodone, Percocets 10 Mg ...