Damoae Shampoo

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■Hair growth and dandruff improving material and its manufacturing method (Patent registration No. 10-0816848)] - Damoae Shampoo: Prevention of hair loss, repression of dandruff, improvement of itching symptom, improvement of head skin and.....

Pedicure files (MO-1000)

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Introduction Damoa Inc.’s pedicure line has reasonable price range and the best quality. MO-1000 has a patent for its rotary-type head. It is not big size but the ability of remove callus is the best. We, Damoa Inc., are sure that you will be .....

Artificial nails and nail accessories

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Damoa Inc. offers consumers professional nails and nail accessories with reasonable price. With our wide variety of nail products and amazing selection of colors, you're bound to find something that will meet your needs. For more details, .....
Damoa Inc.

strengthening anal sphincter, vagina, urethra &prostate

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Chaeklim Engineering & Machinery Co., Ltd. has been a leading Korean manufacturer & exporter of Exercise Equipment. DAMOA helps treatment of sexual function in men/ women as well as to prevent various diseases by strengthening the anal sphincter, .....
Chaeklim Engineering & Machinery Co., Ltd.

Pedicure files (VO-1200)

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IntroductionDamoa Inc.'s pedicure line has a reasonable price range and is of the best quality. VO-1200 has been developed in 2013 with a gorgeous design. Although the product is small; it has an outstanding ability to remove calluses. We, Damoa Inc., ...

Damoa Mist

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Effectiveness The particle mist(subtle mist, 1~10ym range)pollute the working area in the factory. If the worker inhale the polluted air, it causes him or her to get occupational disease and it causes the company to lose machine life, decrease the ...

Painting Robot

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Description: This equipment can spay many different kinds of complex shape parts. It adopt ABB or YASKAWA 6-axis robots and our automatic change table, which it's rotation is powered by Mitsubishi servo motor, revolution is powered by Mitsubishi VVVF ...


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Damoa Inc. is a manufacturer of the best quality pedicure and nail products, manufactured and distributed internationally with dedication to those working as pedicure and nail professionals. Our goal is to provide you with the best working tools and knowl

DAMOA Co., Ltd.

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[Manufacturer, Exporter]
1.Stopping "cutthroat competition "2.Acquiring proprietary technology and developing new products3.Acquiring the best technology for ion beam process