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CR NI MO STEEL 30CrNi2MoV 40CrNi2MoV 4340V 40CrNi2Mo 17Cr2Ni2Mo 17CrNiMo6 30CrNiMo 30Cr2Ni2Mo

Company Profile Dongguan Pulin Metal Co., Ltd. was established in year 2005. We have been exporting a wide range of metal inclusive of stainless steel, aluminium, alloy, copper and many more products to worldwide market like North and South America, ...

stainless steel pipe

Stainless Steel Grades Duplex Stainless Steels Austenitic Cr-Ni Stainless Steels Austenitic Cr-Ni-Mo Stainless Steels Austenitic High Performance Stainless Steels Austenitic High Temperature Stainless Steels Ferritic and Martensitic Stainless Steels

ASME SA-736/SA-736M low carbon Ni-Cu-Cr-Mo alloy steel plates for pressure vessels

SA736 is a kind of low Carbon, age-hardening, Ni-Cu-Cr-Mo alloy steel plates material used to fabric pressure vessels.Standard: ASME SA-736/SA-736M Steel Grade : SA736 Grade A, SA736 Grade C Dimension range :3mm -500mm x 1000mm-4000mm x ...

201 Hot Rolled baby coil Stainless Steel Coil for tubes

Orign Company Hot Rolled Stainless Steel 201 half copper Chemical Composition(%) C Si Mn P S Ni Cr Mo Cu J1 <0.1 <0.6 <10.5 <0.04 <0.01 1.00/1.50 13.00/14.00 - 0.8/1.0 J4 <0.08 <0.6 <10.5 <0.04 <0.01 1.20/1.50 13.00/14.00 - 1.4/1.5 L1 <0.08 <0.6 <10 ...

200series 300series 400series stainless steel tiny wire

Function & Characteristic Standard: AISI,ASTM,DIN,EN,GB,JIS Grade: 300 Series Wire Gauge: 0.05-10mm Length: according needs Application: stainless steel wire mesh etc Certification: ISO C Content (%): <=0.08% Si Content (%): <=1% Place of Origin: ...


SKT4 HOT WORK TOOL STEEL,SKT4 Alloy Tool Steel,SKT4 STEEL FLAT,SKT4 STEEL ROUND BAR SKT4 HOT WORK TOOL STEEL Equivalent Grades: DIN 1.2714/55NiCrMoV7, AISI L6, JIS SKT4 SKT4 HOT WORK TOOL STEEL Chemical Composition: Grade C Si Mn Cr Mo V...

Nickel tube, Ni target

Our sputtering targets mainly consist of pure metals and alloys, available in both planar and rotatable shapes. Featured targets from Rhexon: 1.Pure Metal: Ti, Zr, Ta, Nb, Mo, W, Ni, Cr, Al, Zn, Si, Cu,ITO,AZO.TZO,WC,Nb2O5,TiO2, SiO2 ...

Stainless Steel Welding Wire

Brand: FARINA Material: Stainless Steel Diameter: 0.8 1.2 1.6 2.0 3.2 Stainless Steel Welding Wire : 302, 304, 321, 316L, 309L, 310, HGH1140,HGH2132,HGH3030,HGH4033,HGH4169,HGH4145 Stainless steel welding wire : YB/T Wt% C Mn Si Cr Ni Mo AT-ER410NiMo ...


ORIFICE PLATE & FLANGE Introduction Tapping of differential pressure is done by this vener contractor tap orifice. Since Orifice plate can be installed directly to flange of pipe, flow measurement by this orifice plate can be performed more ...
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Filler Wire

Consumables >> Filler Wires 6 High Molybdenum Nickel Based Alloys Brand Available (AWS Specification) Recommended Applications Equivalent Brands lNCO HX (ER Ni Cr Mo2) 22 Cr 18 Fe 9 Mo alloy most suitable for aircraft, marine or industrial gas ...

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Pearlitic Nodular Cast Iron Rolls

Pearlitic Nodular Cast Iron Rolls Pearlitic nodular rolls are obtained by adding alloy elements of Ni, Cr, Mo into the nodular cast iron and following special heat treatment. Pearlitic nodular rolls have high strength,good thermal properties and .....

Evaporation material

Evaporation material:Al pellet, indium shot, Ag pellet, Chrome Plated Tungsten Rods, Cr pellet, Cu pellet, Hf pellet, Mo pellet, Ni Cr pellet, Ni pellet, W pellet, Ta pellet, W boat, Ir pellet, Zr pellet e.t.c (other shape: rods, shots, wire) Rare .....

Machining service

Forging Material:CS, SS, Cr-Ni-Mo alloys, duplex, nickel-based alloys including inconel and hastelloy etc.. Size: 1kg ~ 40 metric ton single piece Casting Material: Cast iron(GG15-GG40), ductile iron (GGG40-GGG70), carbon steel, stainless steel, .....


XINYU XMS-309LMo Characteristics:  (1) The molten metal of XMS-308LMo is23%Cr-13%Ni-2%Mo austenite structure. (2)The molten metal contains Mo content, corrosion resistance is better than XMS-309 when high temperature.weld pass forming is...

Tungsten alloy Plate,rod.

1. Grade: W-Ni-Fe,W-Ni-Cu 2. Purity : 85-99% 3. Dimension: According to clients' requirements 4. Characteristic: Tungsten base high proportion alloy is a kind of tungsten for matrix (W content 85-99%), and add a Ni, Fe, Cu, Co, Mo, Cr, etc of the...


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Aerospace Long March Arimt Technology Co., Ltd

we afford the highest quality products and perfect services. Cr, Mo, NbO, Si-Al, Ti-Al, Cr-Al, Ni-Cr, W-Ti, Cr-Si etc flat and rotary sputtering targets are provided at present.Long March Ruitech Co., Ltd. It was established in January 2011 by the ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service


Hello, our company предлогает to you Steel strip, Alloyed metals. A thickness from 8-150 mm, width to 550 mm. It is long from 1000-7000 мм.Ni Cr Mo. More than 300 marks of a steel.
Business Type: Manufacturer

Metores Ltd/Metores Recycling/Metores Energy/Falcon Metals & Minerals

A short Intro Our group of companies have been in operation for decades. Our business in short : We supply the industries with raw/semi finished ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as Al, Cu, Cr, Mn, Fe, Zn, Pb and Ni, W, Mo, Sb, Ta, Quartz, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Distributor


We supply industries from around the world with consistent raw and semi finished ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as Al, Cu, Cr, Mn, Fe, Zn, Pb and Ni, W, Mo, Sb, Ta, Ti and their ores & concentrates, from the finest mines using the most ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service, Others
United Kingdom


GLORY WINNER INTL LIMITD import:metel ore we direct mine owner we have mine in Iran India South America and manufacturer metal ore :iron Fe Manganese Mn Copper Cu Chrome Cr Zinc Zn LEAD Pb Cu Gr Ni Mn Al Pb Co ANTIMONY(Sb) Molybdenum(Mo) ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service, Others
Hong Kong

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Electrode Ni,Cr,Mo Size 3,4

Electrode Ni,Cr,Mo Size 3, 4 Filer Ni, Cr , Mo Size 3.2 find and follow as soon as possible

Metalloyz Impex buying SS Scrap 304 & 316

We are looking for: SS SCRAP 316 (Solids/Turnings) Base Composition Ni = 9-12% Cr = 15-16% Mo = 1.5-2.5% Qty. = 250 MT. Pricing Basis: C&F Nhavasheva SS SCRAP 304 (Sheets/Cuttings/Turnings/Slabs/Ingots) Base Composition: Ni =.....
Metalloyz Impex

Lead Ore

We are since 1959 in operation and supply the industrial raw materials to the consuming works. Such as Cu, Cr, Mn, Fe, Zn, Pb and Ni ores, Ilmenite, W/Mo concentrate also residues, ashes, slags and ferrous and non-ferrous metals scraps. We have.....