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Cautery Machine

Cautery Machine/Radiofrequency Electrosurgical Unit RFS-3800K Model: New RFS-3800K Radiofrequency Technology: High Radiofrequency of 3.8 MHz The best device and the most advanced technology for high-frequency electrosurgical unit General description: ...

Horizontal Automatic Packaging Machine (DXDS180)

DXDS180-G horizontal automatic packaging machine adopts auger measurement and is available for sachet packaging of unflowing powder material such as flour, milk powder, soy milk powder, amylum, medical powder species, pesticide powder species, coffee ...

Valleylab vessel sealing machine

valleylab cautery machine valleylab force 40 and valleylab force fx refurbished machines in excellent condition and sparingly used.brand new condition.valleylab force 40cautery and vessel sealing

Micro Endo Disc Surgery Cautery Unit

Micro Endo Disc Surgery Cautery Unit Bipolar RFS Machine Model: RFS-4000KD RF Technology General Description: The RFS-4000KD radiofrequency electrosurgical unit is used to do bipolar radiofrequency ablation. Technical Specifications: RFS-4000KD (220 ...

2014 Professional ENT CO2 Surgery Laser Machine (CE&ISO)

ENT CO2 Surgery Laser Machine CE,40W,suit for dermatological,gynecological , general surgical for cautery,cutting vaporizing... CO2 Surgery Laser Machine-CL50,China,maker&exporter. The CO2 Surgical Laser machine(Model:CL50) with CE$ISO( Laser power to ...

Special Timing Belts

Synchronous belts are one of the most important part of power transmission drives, which exhibits important properties such as fixed speed ratio, no re-tensioning after installation, low maintenance with wide variety of power transmission capacity and ...

co2 medical laser machine

CO2 laser surgical system Therapy Principle: The angle of radiation of CO2 laser is very small and its energy density is high. Output power density will reach several kilowatts per square cm. if it is focused. So the boil off and cautery of focus ...


We recently imported 60 sets of water weaving machines, mainly for the prodution of PE tarpaulin: two sides of lamitation, various tarp width within 380mm, available for wider fabric by hot sealing. The tarpaulin is water-proof, sun-proof, ...


Core technologies: Dual-chip technology Stable performance and wide voltage range; high purity narrow spectrum; homogeneous light spot Three patented technologies Good heat radiation and zero noise; unique structural mechanics of the arm; Music ...

CO2 Laser Surgical Instrument (CL20)

The unit has ABS engineering plastics housing. It has an attractive outside. The machine utilize low valence CO2 laser, focus size is small, so the laser power density is larger. The laser output is CW, or repeat pulse, or super pulse. The laser power ...

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Surgical Equipment, Electro-Cautery Unit (RF)

Surgical Equipment, Electro-Cautery Unit (RF)

Electro Cautery Unit MINI COG (Radio Frequency Electrosurgical Cautery Unit) - Easily controllable Power setting - Perfect coagulation By Bipolar forceps - Designed for Esae of use - Versatility - Reliability Origin : Made in Korea
Date: Nov 30, 2016
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Pain Clinic Ablation Cautery Unit

Pain Clinic Ablation Cautery Unit Bipolar RFS Machine Model: RFS-4000KD RF Technology General Description: The RFS-4000KD radiofrequency electrosurgical unit is used to do bipolar radiofrequency ablation. Technical Specifications: RFS-4000KD .....
Phaco Machine

Phaco Machine

Frequency:40kHz Function Mode: Continuance--Emulsifying Power from 0 to 100% Pulse--Frequency from 1to 15Hz Linear--Controlled by Foot Switch from 0 to 100% Cautery .....
Hanson Meditec Co., LTD
Date: Jul 20, 2010
Hanson Meditec Co., LTD


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Beijing Greenland Science & Technology Development Co.

Beijing Greenland Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters that undertake the business of high-quality medical equipments for Radiofrequency Electrosurgical Devices, ECG Workstation, Telemetry ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Agent

Quandingkang Technology

our products include reusable TENS/EMS electro-pads, conductive adhesives, gels and wires, Digital therapy machine, Slimming machine, Electrosurgical Plates, Electrosurgical pencil, Cautery pencil , Defibrillation electro-pad and so on.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

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we need refrubished cautery machine-Valleylab.

Dear sir Goodmorning..we need refrubished cautery machine-Valleylab.... Pls kindly mail me photo,model NO,with prices....
Healthways Surgical
Healthways Surgical