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activated carbon briquette machine

The activated carbon briquette machine can press all kinds of mineral powder, metal powder, coal powder, coke powder and other materials to make them molded. Because of the mandatory squeeze rollers , so the products have the three high ...

New style professional Reliable supplier carbon briquette machine

General Description and Benefits: A high quality carbon briquette machine requires extensive technical knowledge, many years of experience in machine construction, a good understanding of process technology, and experienced start-up personnel.We are ...

Horizontal Drying and Carbonization All-in-one Machine

Working principle of Horizontal Drying and Carbonization All-in-one Machine Drying stage from the start of ignition to the furnace temperature up to 160 C, when the moisture contained rod mechanisms rely mainly on external heat and the heat ...

energy carbon cleaning machine

What is HHO engine carbon cleaning machine? The principle: HHO engine carbon cleaning machine by electrolyzing water into hydrogen and oxygen gas, then suck the mixed gas into the engine by air intake. Due to the high temperature of HHO gas, through ...

Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill,Calcium Carbonate Grinding machine,Calcium Carbonate Grinding plant

alcium Carbonate grinding Mill also is named calcium carbonate mill, Calcium Carbonate grinding machine,Calcium Carbonate grinding plant, is suitable for grinding calcium carbonate into fine powder. Calcium Carbonate grinding Mill which is suitable ...

Precision CNC Machining Carbon steel machined parts

1.Various Materials 2.Various Surface Treatment 3.Various Processing 4.Tolerance:+/-0.01mm 5.Small orders is acceptable 6.Advance R&D technicMaterial: Carbon Steel,Stainless steel ,Aluminum, Alloy ,Brass, Copper, Bronze etc Processing method: ...

Custom cnc precision parts OEM cnc machining carbon fiber cutting

1. CNC Cutting Service by clients drawing, it need AutoCAD dwg./dxf. format drawings. 2. Material: 1K, 1.5K,3K,6K,12K carbon fiber sheet, regular use 3K carbon fiber sheet. 3. Thickness: 0.2mm-50mm 4. Surface: Plain Glossy, Plain Matte, Twill Glossy, ...

Carbonated drinks Filling Machine

Carbonated Water Filling Machine can carry out washing bottle, carbonated filling and capping of one machine. The whole machine designing is reasonable. The appearance is beautiful and the maintenance is convenient. It adopts hanging type ...

Automatic Bottled Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Machine

1. Fully automatic bottle rinsing,filling,sealing machine, accuracy pressure control, easy operation 2. gas contained drinks machine,carbonated beverage filling machine,soda beverage making plant,pepsi making machine 3. Origin: Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu ...

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Machine

active carbon machine 1)Rotary kiln for activated carbon 2)with S.S surface and fire bricks inside 3)around 120 tons 4)size:18-32meter longth ,diameter 1.8-2.5meter 5)daily capacity 1-3tons 1.Yearly Capacity 1000MT Shell Based AC 2.CAPACITY: DAILY ...

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CSD Filling Machine / Carbonated Drink Bottling Line 12000-15000B/H

EcoPura DHSG series Wash-filling-capping 3-in-1 Monobloc Machinery is used for filling Carbonated beverage like soda water, cola, fillingtemperature to be 0-5deg C Characteristic of the Monobloc Filling machine 1. The bottle-necks are cramped and .....

gas -containing drink filling machine / carbonated drink filling line

The production line include QS auto washer ,DY balanced pressure filler ,FXZ cap turning machine ,SSJ carrying machine etc. The key parts are made of stainless steel , with the features of reasonable stucture ,advanced technology ,easy in operation .....

Coconut Activated Carbon Machine

Product Description active carbon machine 1)Rotary kiln for activated carbon 2)with S.S surface and fire bricks inside 3)around 120 tons 4)size:18-32meter longth ,diameter 1.8-2.5meter 5)daily capacity 1-3tons Product Feature 1.Yearly .....
Date: Jun 28, 2015
Category: Energy | Charcoal

Sale charcoal stove machine or Carbonizing machine Mobile 0086 15838007835

Carbonizing machine charcoal stove machine This machine is used to carbonized the half-product into finished product.It is equipped with hyperploid high temperature steam cooling system, and the process of cooling can be accelerated to speed up the .....

carbonization furnace/wood carbonizing machine 0086 15238020875

Energy saving carbonizing machine doesn't need motor power and can be charcoal within 8 hours. This machine is used to carbonize the half-product into finished product. It is equiped with hyperploid high temperature steam cooling system, and the .....


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filling machine

filling machine

Mar 31, 2015
HY-FILLING, as one of famous beverage and dairy packaging machinery manufactures in China, it is located in Zhangjiagang city which is very near Shanghai with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. Owning the top-ranking R&D center and more than
Car Catalytic Convertaer Cleaning Machine

Car Catalytic Convertaer Cleaning Machine

Mar 12, 2015
Easy Operator Car Engine Exhaust System Cleaning Machine, Exhaust System Cleaning Machine 1) Special cleaning fluid which cleans the carbon deposit is environmental friendly and will react with precious metals to produce harmless gas which can be dischar


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Zhangjiagang Sky Machine Co., Ltd

Zhangjiagang Sky Machine Co., Ltd is one of the world's leading beverage machinery manufacturers. With over ten years of manufacturing experience, we can offer the following production lines and equipment: Bottled Water Production line, Juice ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Changsha Okay Energy Equipment Co.Ltd

Our company (OKAY Energy Equipment) is specialized in Oxy-hydrogen generator (car engine/three-way catalytic carbon cleaning machine ) and Water-fueled oxy-hydrogen machine (Oxyhydrogen Welding Machine) with TOP quality in China.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Wuxi AJMS Filter Machinery Co., Ltd

We are the professional manufacturer supply pp spun filter cartridge machine,cto carbon block filter cartridge machine and pp yarn winding filter cartridge machine
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Okay Energy Equipment Co., LTD

Changsha City Okay Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful Changsha City, Hunan Province, China. We are specialized in researching and manufacturing Oxy-hydrogen Generators, Water Welding Machines, Flame polishing machines and other ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Others

Hubei Kangda Medical Exploiture Co., Ltd

Hubei Kangda Medical exploiture co., Ltd founded in 1992, specialized in producing medical equipment of class I and III with approval of the Food and Drug Administration, we do research and development, production, sales and after-sales service . ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

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CNC machined precision parts,OEM service factory

Please kindly contact us for further information. there are 3 types of cnc machined precision parts I want to buy from your company. All of them are made of carbon steel with high quality requirements.


These blades are mainly used for cutting leather Skiving knives are made of high-carbon steel Applied to skiving machi Size: standard 1.diameter ( the knife) :117.80.5 mm 2.diameter ( the big hole in the center ) :340.4 mm (could be .....

Can filling machine for Carbonated Soft Drinks

Please offer for complete plant with filling capacity 1000-2000cans/hour. Please note that we are already filling our Carbonated Soft Drinks in PET Bottles. We would like to have a parallel line to fill Carbonated Soft Drinks in 325 to 350ml.....
Nova Products Sprl
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The
Nova Products Sprl
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The

Hot rolling steel sheet making coil

We need a complete CCM machine for casting thin billet , continuously hot rolling machine , for making coil by the width of 1500 mm , annual 1million ton . low carbon alloy .

high quality graphite sheet for sale

Pingdingshan XRD Graphite Manufacturing Co., Ltd specializes in precise graphite machining. We are capable of machining different types of graphite and carbon parts/components including graphite sheet,graphite hot zone, graphite boats, discs, .....