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Ultra Capacitor

Ultracapacitor is energy storage device positioned between conventional electrolytic capacitor and rechargeable batteries, which have more than ten times the power and more than thousand times the cycle life when compared to batteries.- Known as EDLC ...
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Capacitors 1206 103K 1KV

Operating temperature range: -55~125℃ Rated voltage: 100VDC~3000VDC temperature characteristic: NPO:≤±30ppm/℃,-55~125℃(EIA Class I) X7R:≤±15%,-55~125℃(EIA Class II) Capacity range: NPO:2pF to 100nF;X7R:150pF to 2.2uF...

High Power Supercapacitor 2.8V 100f/120f, Winding Types Ultracapacitor, Ulta Low ESR Super Capacitor

High Power Supercapacitor 2.8V 100f/120f, Winding Types Ultracapacitor, Ulta Low ESR Super Capacitor, Snap-in, Edlc   Cylindrical shape structure, low internal resistance; Comply with ROHS standards, no Cd, Pb and other pollutants; Long...

X2 capacitor

The feature: Metallized polypropylene structure, Withstanding overvoltage stressing, Plastic case (UL94 V-0), Epoxy resin sealing, Widely used in interference suppression circuit. Rated voltage: 250-275vac Capacitance: 0.01-10uF

Oval Capacitor Covers

Sizes available: Material:Tinplate Diameter(mm):31*51,38*57,45*71,48*91 Types of terminal:Pins,No soldering slice terminal,No terminal Number of terminal:2 to 3 Soldering slice:2 to 4(pieces)

HT-110 Manual Taping Machine

Characteristics   Manual Taping Machine Applicable Components: Small/Medium/Large Size Radial Components, Mylar, E-Cap, Matelized Capacitors, Inductors, LED's, Crystal Ocilators, Transistors, Lamps, and more... Features: Taping Pitch :...

Ac moter run Capacitor

The capacitor takes heavy-edge metallized Al/Zn film as electrodes and dielectric. The elements are tight winded by high-velocity winders and canned in aluminum cases. Refined castor oil is adopted as impregnation agent treated in vacuum and high ...

Motor run AC Film Ventilador Generator Polypropylene CBB61 Capacitor

Features 1. Rectangle flame retardant plastic case, epoxy resin sealed; 2. Small size ,light weight ,convenient for installation; 3. Low dissipation factor, high insulation resistance; 4. Self-healing property, high stability and reliability; 5. CBB61 ...

Sell Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 100V220UF 13*20 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 35V3300UF 18*25 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 68UF/100V 10*20 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 6.8UF/400V 10*15 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 4700UF/50V 22*40 Aluminum ...

How does fast charge power supplies achieve main technology low voltage high current

The current smart phone battery is basically a charge one day, even two charge a day in use in severe cases. At present the display screen, chipset, cameras and design technology are continuously developed, but smart phone battery technology is not ...

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Capacitor We supply different kinds of lamp use capacitors such as power factor compensation capacitor for HID lamps and fluorescent lamps, capacitor for trigger of dysprosium lamps, capacitor for ballast and capacitor for CFL, etc..

CBB65 motor running capacitor

Round Type CBB65 Rated Voltage 370V(AC) 50Hz/60Hz single-phase AC motors for running, it is widely used to Air conditioning, refrigerator ,lamps,pumps etc.. 1. Explosion proof. CLASS : P2 2 .High insulation resistance, small warm up inside; 3. Low .....

Access Control Reader(125khz/13.56mhz)

Specifications: JMY-670M13.56MHz, Mifare class JMY-670T13.56MHz, ISO15693 tags JMY-670U125KHz, EM4100 compliant Parameters: Card read mode: UID and/or card data Interface: RS485, RS232 or Wigand Power Supply: DC 8V to 15V (Protect.....

lighting capacitor

Nantong Daye electronics limited company is a profession manufactory that metals turn the thin film capacitor. The company technique power is strong, the product development ability is strong, the examination means is well-found, the product .....

Metallized film capacitor

We are HK capacitor company, mainly in producing AC Metallized Film Capacitors, Air-Conditioners Capacitors, CBB65,CBB61, CBB60,MKP, MKPH, CBB21,CBB81, and X2 Interference Resistance Capacitors. We are looking for an opportunity to develop a...


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EGL is the fully integrated ultracapacitor supplier and module design company maintains the highest standards for storing and delivering power, which are optimized for the highest performance with the lowest resistance possible. We are a ...
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Shenzhen ChenMa Electronic Company

Shenzhen ChenMa electronic Company was founded in 2011, is a professional high voltage chip capacitors, high-capacity SMD capacitor suppliers.
Business Type: Agent

Victor (HK) Development Co.

We are HK capacitor company, mainly in producing AC Metallized Film Capacitors, Air-Conditioners Capacitors, CBB65,CBB61, CBB60,MKP, MKPH, CBB21,CBB81, and X2 Interference Resistance Capacitors. We are looking forward to develop a business with you.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Retailer
Hong Kong

Shenzhen ChuangShiDing Electronics Co.Ltd

ShenzhenChuangshiding ElectronicsCo., Ltd, a 12-year experienceprofessional manufacturer forMetalized PP/PET film capacitors.X2Safety capacitors ,Supercapacitors, DC-Link capacitors,IG absorption for protection capacitors, all with VDE,ROHS, ...
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LIAONING BROTHER ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is located in Chaoyang City,Liaoning Province,high-techindustrial park ultracapacitor industrial park,developed transport and communications facilities,is the production plant of "BIGCAP" brand whole ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

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super capacitors

We are urgently looking for cost down alternatives for Maxwell's super capacitors, ordering quantities are 800,000 units. The Maxwell's capacitors that are to replaced are as below: 1. BCAP0010 P270 2. BCAP0050 P270 3. BCAP0100 P270 T01 4. .....
Hong Kong

Apple Products

hi i need original apple products : iphone 4G 16 GB white and black i will only use PayPal for payment thank you
Theeb Tech
United States
United States

micro memory cards

We are looking to purchase between 5,000-10,000 pieces of 8gb micro SD cards. Please contact us if you can supply good quality at best price. Thanks, JS
United States


1. used or new 2. DDR1(256M,512M,1GB,2GB,or larger)DDR2/DDR3(512M,1GB,2GB,or larger) 3. with large qty
Shenzhen Suntone CO.,Ltd