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Chemical name: 4 '- METHYL - 4 - YLAMINE BIPHENYL - HYDROCHLORIDE Alias: AKOS BAR - 0137;CHEMBRDG BB - 4102391;4 amino4methylbiphenyl;4 '- methylbiphenylamine;4 '- Methylbiphenylamine;4 - methyl - 4 - 'biphenylamin;4 '- Methyl - 4 - aminodiphenyl;4 - ...

4 - bromine biphenyl,

4 - bromine biphenyl, Appearance white crystal plate The content of 99.8% (%) Molecular formula C12H9Br The molecular weight of 233 The density of 0.9327 The melting temperature of 91.5 ℃ The boiling point of 310 ℃ Solubility: soluble in ...

Methyl 4'-bromomethyl biphenyl-2-carboxylate

CAS:114772-38-2 Synonyms:4'-Bromomethyl-(1,1'-biphenyl)-2-carboxylic acid methyl ester Molecular Formula:C15H13BrO2 Molecular Weight:305.17 Lead Time: within 3 days Skype: anraychem Email: sales(at)anraychem(doc)com www(doc)anraychem(doc)com
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Name KDS 4103 Synonyms N-Cyclohexylcarbamic acid 3'-(aminocarbonyl)[1,1'-biphenyl]-3-yl ester; URB 597 copyRight Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C20H22N2O3 Molecular Weight 338.40 CAS Registry Number 546141-08-6 ...

sell 2,2',6,6'-tetra-tert-butyl-4,4'-biphenol

2,2',6,6'-tetra-tert-butyl-4,4'-biphenol Synonyms:3,3',5,5'-tetra-tert-butyl-4,4'-biphenol; 3,3',5,5'-Tetra-tert-butyl-4,4'-biphenyldiol; 3,3',5,5'-Tetra-tert-butyl-4,4'-dihydroxy-1,1'-biphenyl Molecular Formula:C28H42O2 Molecular Weight:410.63 ...


LY-2183240 874902-19-9 Product Name: 5-[[(1, 1'-BIPHENYL)-4-YL]METHYL]-N, N-DIMETHYL-1H-TETRAZOLE-1-CARBOXAMIDE We specialized in manufacture and export of research chemicals. Excellent quality and prompt delivery. Appearance: White or Similar ...
Hong Kong
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99% purity raw material powder Olmesartan

Olmesartan Synonyms: MEDOXOMIL;2-butyl-4-(1-hydroxy-1-methylethyl)-1-[[2'-(1h-tetrazol-5-yl)[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-yl]methyl]-1h-imidazole-5-carboxylic acid (5-methyl-2-oxo-1,3-dioxol-4-yl)methyl ester;1H-IMIDAZOLE-5-CARBOXYLIC ACID, ...

(2R,4S)-4-Amino-5-(biphenyl-4-yl)-2-methylpentanoic acid ethyl ester hydrochloride

name : LCZ696 inter9 / (2R,4S)-4-Amino-5-(biphenyl-4-yl)-2-methylpentanoic acid ethyl ester hydrochloride cf : C20H25NO2.HCl cw : 347.88 Cas No.: 149690-12-0

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diMethyl 4,4'-dinitro-[1,1'-biphenyl]-2,2'-dicarboxylate

Name: diMethyl 4, 4 '- dinitro - [1, 1' - biphenyl] - 2, 2 '- dicarboxylate Synonyms: diMethyl 4, 4 '- dinitro - [1, 1' - biphenyl] - 2, 2 '- dicarboxylate;DiMethyl 4, 4 '- diaMino - [1, 1' - biphenyl] - 2, 2 '- .....

Methyl 4'-bromomethyl biphenyl-2-carboxylate

Real Manufacturer CAS:114772-38-2 Synonyms:4'-Bromomethyl-(1,1'-biphenyl)-2-carboxylic acid methyl ester MolecularFormula:C15H13BrO2 MolecularWeight:305.17 Purity:>99.5 LeadTime:3days All parcels are shipped discreetly and secure! .....
Date: Aug 24, 2015
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[4'-(pentyloxy)[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-yl] boronic acid

[4'-(pentyloxy)[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-yl] boronic acid CAS No.158937-25-8 Shanghai Everchem Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates,, we will be your reliable partner in China.Contact Miss Karry, Your kind .....
Date: Aug 18, 2015

sell (3-fluoro-4'-pentyl[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-yl)boronic acid

(3-fluoro-4’-pentyl[1,1’-biphenyl]-4-yl)boronic acid Molecular Formula:C17H20BFO2 Molecular Weight:286.15 CAS NO.:163129-96-0 Appearance:White power Purity:99%
4,4'-Bis(chloromethyl)-1,1'-biphenyl, CAS 1667-10-3

4,4'-Bis(chloromethyl)-1,1'-biphenyl, CAS 1667-10-3

4,4'-Bis(chloromethyl)-1,1'-biphenyl CAS No. 1667-10-3 Molecular formula C14H12Cl2 Molecular weight 251.15 Appearance White powder Purity ≥ 98.0% Melting point 230-232°C Water ≤ 0.5% Impurity ≤ 0.5% Ash ≤ 0.2%
Date: Aug 07, 2015
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Jiangsu Zhongneng Chemical Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Zhongneng Chemical Co., Ltd is located in the Chemical Industry Park in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province with 20 million Yuan registered capital. Zhongneng is a high tech corporation that combines together R&D, manufacture, and marketing. ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Jintan Jindian Chemical Co., Ltd.

Jintan Jindian Chemical Co., Ltd. (former Jintan Fulin New Chemistry Research Institute) was founded in 2001. Located in Jincheng Township Industrial Park, Jintan Jindian Chemical Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech private enterprise specializing in the ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Chengdu Yuanda Chemical Co., Ltd.

chegndu yuanda chemical co.,ltd. is a specialized researching, developing, manufacturing and custom-manufacturing enterprise of organic fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Beijing Odyssey Chemicals Co., Ltd.

ODYSSEY CHEM, one of the leading manufacturers of fine chemicals in China, supplies fluorescent brighteners, electronic chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates to the global market. ODYSSEY CHEM also provides contract manufacturing from kilo to ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

Hangzhou Hannychem Material Co., Ltd

Hangzhou hennychem material co.,ltd dedicated to the production and development of biphenyl, p-terphenyl,m-terphenyl,o-terphenyl, diphenyl oxide, hydrogenatedreiphenyl and its derivatives products, which are widely used in medicine, heat carrier, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer