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Bio Ionic Hair Dryer Professional for Salon

RCY2038 Bio Ionic Hair Dryer Professional for Salon ion indicator light 2.220-240v 50Hz 2000w 3.DC modern design 4.separate heat and speed rocker switches 5.2 heat/2 speed settings 6.cold shot,provides a blast of cold air to set your style ...

stainless steel wedge wire rotary drum screen for manure separator

TheGuangxing manure separatoris designed specifically for Sand-Laden Manure (SLM). It is a simple and efficient rotating screen separator that operates in any SLM applicationsScrape FlushorFlume. Excellent resistance to abrasion, exceptional ...

Coconut oil

Coconut oil Coconut oil is ideal to moisturize and soften the driest and sensitive areas of your body. Applied in small doses, it will bring shine to your hair. Being solid at ambient temperature, you will melt by placing the bottle in hot water. ...

100% Indian Remy hair /BIO Base Toupee

1.material : 100% human hair 2.color: #1B ,#2, #3, and so on 3.size: 5"*7" , 6"*8" , 7"*9" , 8"*10" 4.length : 6" 5.base design: swiss lace, French lace, fine mono ,fine welded mono and special base

Skin and Hair Care Supplements

Pristine Hair, Skin & Nails - Plus / BIO-FOLIC ™Hair, Skin & Nails: North Hair, Skin & Nails - Plus with 5000 mcg Biotin BIO-FOLIC™ MAX Hair Formula for MEN BIO-FOLIC™ MAX Hair Formula for WOMEN Pristine BIOTIN MAX 5,000 mcg Tablets: ...
United Arab Emirates

Anti Hair Loss Promote hair growth YUDA Pilatory Hair growth Spray All natural herbal

Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment-YUDA Pilatory Hair Regrowth Spray Sophia E:mail sophia (at) realashfactory (dot) com Skype: realplus026 Yuda Pilatory is the first herbal product medically proven to treat hair loss. Over 3 million people worldwide ...

hair growth

Prevent and cure hair losing symptom. 1.Improve the hair color and lustre 2. Improve the hair elastic. 3. District the scall. 4. Improve the hair immunity. 1.home hair growth hair massager comb 2. Bio current therapy+LED 3. Hair grwoth appliance Red ...


JANG BAL JJANG Hair Oil The mixture of beneficial herbal ingredients that are good to scalp and hair would be smoothly applied to the scalp cultivating healthy hair. -refer to Tonic explanation (same as above) -40ml "Jeoncell practices science through ...

Bio cosmetic for whitening, Anti-aging, Moisture, Atopy by Beta glucan

[ Product Description ] Major ingredient of J-Blossom is special Beta Glucan (B-1,3 structure) Which is created by Nano tech after cultivated from Saccharomyces cervisiae. It has fantastic features as below since 21 century. - Make Whitening and ...

pdt equipment led bio light machine

The led photo therapy treatment have the function of repair, soften skin, whiten and anti-oxidant. The BS-LED2 model is an advanced model in the LED photodynamic and modulation therapy products in Sincery product line, targeting to combat the signs of ...

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Bio Hair color

We are Plesaer to produce our new product Bio Hair color : Product Description : BIO HAIR COLORS : No PPD No Ammonia No Hydrogen Peroxide Bio Color is 100% Natural Color and provides up to 100% Coverage to Grey Hair. It controls Hair Fall, .....
Date: Jul 27, 2015


Specification : A supplement of calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals. Prevent Osteomalacia, Appetite perversion. Build physical strength and brighten hair coat.
Date: Dec 10, 2015
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Bio Ionic Hair Dryer Factory

Bio Ionic Hair Dryer Factory

RCY2007A Bio Ionic Hair Dryer Factory 1.230v,50Hz,1400w 2.concentrator 3.0-cool-1-2 settings 4.over heating protection 5.hang loop 6.1.65m length cord 7.foldable handle 8.lonic function to eliminate static 9.comfortable handling .....
Tourmaline Magnetic Elbow Brace

Tourmaline Magnetic Elbow Brace

Tourmaline elbow support Tourmaline elbow support integrates bio-tourmaline to the product to strengthen the body’s natural healing power. The product is suitable for all sizes and has been certified by Far Infrared Ray Application Research .....
Hong Kong
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BIO 40K cavitation RF fat burning /face lift / hair removal slimming beauty machine home use sonic s

BIO 40K cavitation RF fat burning /face lift / hair removal slimming beauty machine home use sonic s

Type: Vacuum Cavitation System Operation System: Supersonic Certification: CE,SGS Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Beir Model Number: BR106 Feature: Weight Loss ,hair removal cavitation: 40KHz RF: 5MHz Vacuum: 100KPa .....


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Comb massager
US $336


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Vegetal Bio Hair Colour

Vegetal Bio Colour 100% Natural Hair Colour Developed in colaboration with Saba Botanical of USA,Inc.A Quality Product of Ama Herbal Laboratories Pvt Ltd.No Ammonia No Paroxide, No PPD. Available in three natural colours Soft Black,Dark Brown & Burgandy
Business Type: Distributor

Gajraj Mehandi Udyog

We are pleased to introducing ourselves as a leading cultivator, manufacturer of Natural Henna Powder & Natural Herbs Products in Bulk & Consumer packing since 1979. Introducing New Products: BIO Hair Color & Bio Herbs Powder: Skin and Hair care.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Dong An Bio-Tech Co., Ltd

Dong An Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2005 by well-known companies listed on the stock exchange such as Best Giving Construction Co., Ltd , Chiao Fu Enterprise Co., Ltd , Roundtop Machinery Industries , Taichung Sun Hot Spring & Resort and ...
Business Type: Exporter, Others

Xuchang Hongyang Bio-chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Established since 2005, Hongyang Bio-chemical Industry Co.,Ltd has now become a leading manufacturer of synthetic fibers, hair chemicals and other auxiliary materials for wig production. Products with our brand "HONGSHENG" have gained a wide ...
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Malak Bio Malak Bio, a company based in southern Morocco, is specialized in the production of vegetable oil and argan prickly pear (soaps, creams, massage oils, body care and hair,...). quality Malak Bio focuses on the quality of its products, and ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer