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Single Auger Juicer

INTRODUCTION DA-900 is the world best single screw juicer among the existing juicers in the market. It is a few step ahead from the other single screw juicers and provides you maximum amount of pulp-free juice. It comes with everything you need to ...
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Celikel Forage Harvester is an ideal machine to harvest forage, alfalfa, flowering plants, beet leaves, carrot leaves etc. The machine that has been equipped with transmission system that was designed to work at heavy conditions will meet your ...

vegetable chopper(SL-005)

Till to this year we hve 2 design salad machine, one for V base and other for round base, but the function sre the same. This year there are 2 new design machine are being developed,this two new design are more human, safe and creative , the out ...

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Sell agricultural equipment &tools

Sell agricultural soil equipment&tools Straw and hey baling press; Universal agricultural crane; Single/two silage harvester; belt hay upsetter; Plant waste chopper; Six-row sugar beet tops eliminator and cutter,; Six-row sugar-beet roots.....
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Date: Jun 8, 2005
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