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Iron Ore 64.5

We, â??CF Commoditiesâ?ť, with full corporate authority and legal responsibility, acting on behalf of the SELLER, in the capacity of an intermediary trading corporation, do hereby advise that the Seller is ready, willing, and able to enter into a ...

Insulin Project

attached some papers of the INSULIN Project..... very profitable project with a breaking even/amortization already after 1 year production...which is after 3 years building/errection time For interested parties the Business Plan is also ...

Sugar& BG sbLC for Imports Financial

Commodity/Origin White refined Sugar Cane Origin - Brazil BG and SBLC for imports-exports Leasing* Full set of clean on board ocean Bill Of Lading (B/L), Three (3) originals and three (3) non negotiable copies, made out to order and blank endorsed, ...

Iron ore

We, Beijing shengshi Hengfeng Trading Co., Ltd, here by state and represent that it is our intent to purchase the commodity, and we hereby confirm that we are ready, willing and able to purchase the following commodity according to the specification, ...

Gold Dust

we are local miners acting with full corporate and with full legal responsibility do hereby irrevocably confirm and commit subject to the law of perjury with MALI, Government that we are ready, willing and able to sell Raw Alluvial Gold Dust: ...

Buying Leads

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Request for Bank Guarantees/MTN

We are looking to buy/discount Banking guarantee for the amount of $25,000,000 from normal banks in the US and Europe. We are ready willing and able to sign letter of Intent contract and have our banking inforamtion ready plus conditional payment.....
Stroi Konsult Ltd
Stroi Konsult Ltd