Primium Membership

Why choose YES Premium Membership?

YES Premium membership is the most extensive and advanced marketing solution packages.
The Premium membership entitles you to a whole range of benefits, the main advantage being easy access to international buyers. We have two premium membership schemes - Yes Silver and Yes Gold.

Upgrade to YES membership as per your business needs and budget and stand out from the competition!

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YES Silver Yes Silver Yes Gold Yes Gold
Description Free Member YES Silver YES Gold
1 year 1 year
Price (USD) - 399 1,200
Point - 3,990 12,000
Search Result - Priority TOP Priority
Post Selling Leads / Products 50 200 1,000
Selling Leads / Products Keywords 1 5 10
Homepage Style basic Premium Premium
Access of Global Buyer DB X O O
Access of buyer's direct email address in MTO X O O
Providing Circular Letter Builder X O O
Sending Circular Letter X 400/1Month Unlimited
TradeMall Coupon X 1 3
Verified Company service X O O
Trade Alert or Newsletter O O O
AD Spotlight Product X X O 7 days
Spotlight Trade Leads X X O 14 days
HOT Trade Leads (Keyword ad) X X O 28 days