Biz Support

What is Biz Support
To make vigorous business transaction and interactive relation on Internet trade, EC Plaza is operating the "Biz-Support" as the concept of a support center. We expect that our members can learn more valuable and informative data such as Global market Reports and Success Stories through Biz-support. Further, we will provide the requested information from our members and do our best to fill up for our members' area as the powerful and helpful promotion tool with more plentiful and currentinformation.
Free Magazine Subscription
EC Plaza has partnered with to offer you complimentary one-year subscriptions to dozens of leading industry publications. No purchase is necessary. Publications are entirely FREE to those who qualify!
Messenger Service
Messenger Service provided by EC Plaza is a free downloadable soft phone with several useful features such as Real-time Chatting, Call forwarding, Voicemail, Click to Call and Call Me.
Trade DB Service
PIERS maintains the most comprehensive database of timely, accurate, import and export information on the cargoes moving through ports in the U.S., Mexico, Latin America, and Asia.
   Success Story
If you have successfully completed any trade through EC Plaza, we would like to hear from you! Please share your stories with the EC PLAZA Manager. There are many benefits granted to the companies that mail us their success stories, plus you can earn the success mark. So why hesitate?
   Business Lounge
This section gives to help you useful information about the trade resources including trade terms and conditions. And also you can learn more about business transaction and accelerate on your trade experience.
Global Trade Magazine
ECPlaza.NET is a global trade magazine helping introduce companies to the global market. It provides more trading opportunities for people in the international export and import business.
Character Licensing Business
We, EC Plaza, are supporting the licensing business with co-operated company, Raska who is providing company of characters and multi-contents such as animation, cartoon, mobile digital contents.