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culture cage for aquaculture farming

Name:Scallop/Oyster Cage/Net Diameter:30-60cm or as customers required Mesh Size:2-9mm(seeding)/10-35mm(fatten) or as customers required Storeys:5-20 or as customers required Material Net:PP/PE/HDPP/HDPE Monofilament/Multifilament Knoted/Knotless ...

poultry cages_Laying hens cage looking for shandong tobetter

Poultry farming is becoming more and more using poultry cages aquaculture is also more.Breeding farmers more layers are now,Use of laying hens cage layers of farmers is also more and more, the advantages of laying hens cage has a lot of, relative to ...

Stationary Type Digital HD Underwater Camera

Stationary Type Digital HD Underwater Camera is mainly used to underwater video monitoring at a fixed point such as aquaculture fixed-point monitoring, deep sea cage aquaculture fixed-point monitoring video, transportation of live fish box internal ...

Round Type Scallop Aquaculture Net Cage

Commodity Name: Scallop aquaculture net cage, Round type Product Specification: 10storeies, 15storeies, 17storeies, 20storeies and 25storeies PE Raschel Square Net:200D/2.7mmx3.4mm; 300D/4.5mmx4.5mm; 450D/ 6mmx6mm; 550D/7.5mmx 7.5mm; 750D/9mmx9mm; ...

Fishing cage,aquaculture Equipment,fyke,

Cages and fyke are bag-shaped or cage-shaped nets which are held open by hoops. These can be linked together in long chains, and are used to catch fish in water. they can also be used in sheltered places where there is plenty plant life. If you are ...

MF-Tourist Aquaculture Cage

Our fish cage can be stand, walk and work on it directly due to its high buoyancy. Not only for growing fish but also for tourist to experience the joy of fishing.Fully Functional Extremely Versatile Ultra Safe Super Durable Maintenance Free Easy ...

solar LED marker light for aquaculture cage

SPECIFICATION 1).Nominal night visibility:2km-5.5km 2)Turn on at dust and turn off at dawn automatically. 3)Completely self containt,no cables,no people management. 4)Waterproof and shock resistant 5)Nearly recharge themselves at nearly all kinds of ...


Product Description TILAPIA FEED GENERAL INFORMATION APPLICATION: Tilapia. Tilapia farming is professional industry farming in ponds and cages in the hot climates of Asia, Africa and South-America. Tilapia is tropical, hardy fish that grow well in ...

scallop aquaculture lantern net cage

floors:15 mesh size:15mm diameter:50cm monofilament knoted net plastic coated steel wire patentscalop farming oyster farming

An offshore cage farm

The general assembly design of "LOOKEYE"amphibious video system for some offshore cage farm

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fishing cage aquaculture traps fish pot trap exporters

fishing cage aquaculture traps fish pot trap exporters

Art No: 9000-2 Sizecircle diameter: 60cm, 55cm, 50cm, 50cm the length from the first 60cm circle to the end is 2.5m the guardrail length start from 60cm circle is 4m Frame round PE tube, 20cm diameter Net MaterialHDPE knotted net, .....
Date: Jun 11, 2015

layer cages manufacturers_shandong tobetter years of experience

Battery is now laying hens cage aquaculture very breeding laying hens to the fire equipment, compared with the previous flat to raise, laying hens caged equipment has raise the utilization ratio of land, houses and improve the labor productivity, .....
Date: Aug 19, 2016

Fishing cage,aquaculture Equipment,fyke

Material: Nylon.PE line Rope.Stainless Ring Diameter of the line: 5mm Specification: 70cmx40cmx12 Lattice(FC01) 26cmx50cmx8 Lattice(FC04) Shape: Rectangular(FC01) Circularity(FC04) Length:FC01-7.3cm;FC04-8.1cm Dia: .....
Oyster Bag and Aquaculture Cages

Oyster Bag and Aquaculture Cages

Growing oysters in bags (Pouches) has become the technology of choice in most countries, given the quality as well as the quantity of oysters obtained, at very competitive costs. Intermas has been present in this market since its beginning,.....
automatic-feeder aquaculture machinery

automatic-feeder aquaculture machinery

The auto-feeder is a aquaculture device with advanced design concept and many patented technologies that being specialized developed for mass Farmers. It can be used in fish ponds reservoirs, lakes cages, indoor and outdoor standard fish ponds , .....


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Qingdao Mansheng Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.

We are professional manufacturer of scallop and oyster cage and aquaculture net.We have more 20 years of experience. We have a strict raw material purchase control management system.Our products undergo rigorous manual processing to ensure ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Shandong Tobetter Machinery Co., LTD.

Livestock farming equipment, ventilation and cooling heating equipment, farms ecological-economic special-purpose machinery and spare parts production and sales.Animal husbandry and aquaculture technology extension services, general cargo import and ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

Misamis Occidental Aquaculture Ventures Corp.

We have marine cage cultured Tiger Grouper (E. fuscoguttatus), green or orange-spotted grouper (E. coioides), HongKong red grouper fish at size 500grams - 1 kilo per piece and orange spotted siganid 200grams each available.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Retailer, Others
Category: Agriculture | Fish


Qingdao Datao Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd was founded in 2002. Products:crab cage shrimp cage, landing net, fishing nets, keeping net, feed bag ,and related fishing gear. They have been sold to many countries and regions of Asia, Europe,America、Oceania.
Business Type: Manufacturer


TEAM AQUA is a leading manufacturer of professional aquacuolture equipment such as paddlewheel aerator, probiotic water treatment, fish feeder, inland/sea cage, pump etc. Besides, TEAM AQUA also produce high quality shrimp a
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

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We urgently require the services of TECHNICAL EXPERTS/INSTRUCTORS to train local fish farmers on Asia-type FISH / SHRIMP CAGE FARMING & AQUACULTURE TECHNOLOGY. Kindly contact us through our email address: opubocoop(at) or telephone: +234.....
Opubo Cooperative Investment Company
Opubo Cooperative Investment Company