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Contact Resistance &Spring Force Tester

This product is an important factor of the test equipment to Resistance, Force, Distance from Test Socket (Type Pogo, Rubber Type) or the characteristics of the Pin Pogo used in various electronic components and PCB inspection for semiconductor final ...
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MIPI Dual DSI Pattern Generator

The DG-Q100 is a MIPI pattern generator in areas related to display module for LCD & OLED. This pattern generator uses high performance application processor which can be used for smart phones. This pattern generator use for R&D in display driver IC & ...
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Pregnancy Test Kit,Simple Test Kit, Result in 5 Min

Pregnancy Test Kit (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Test) Simple one step procedure Result in 5 minutes by urine 25mIU/ml analytical sensitivity >99% clinical sensitivity, Specificity, accuracy It becomes very important for detection of early pregnancy. ...

Radiodetection FlexiTrace 50m

50m flexrod which is energised by transmitter and inserted into small diameter pipes.

Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

FT series pendulum impact testing machine is a new generation of pendulum tester independently developed by SUNS, which is used to test the specimen's impact resistance under dynamic loading,satisfied with impact absorbing energy test, pendulum ...

Mechanical Load Tester (HTPV-08)

Perform Standard: IEC 61215-2005, IEC 61646-2008, IEC 61730: 2-2004, UL 1703-2004 Functions: PV modules mechanical load testing machine is used to verificaty components through the wind, snow or ice cover and static, dynamic load ability in different ...

Toothbrushes Tuft Stiffness Tester BS EN ISO 22254

Capable of measuring the resistance of the tufted portion to deflection.Best quality and service contact TONNY INTERNATIONAL SKYPE:tonnyinstruments@hotmail.comTN9018 Toothbrushes Tuft Stiffness Tester INTRODUCTION Capable of measuring the resistance ...

RT-102 Mooney Viscometer

RT-102Mooney Viscometer viscosity for rubber vulcanization index determination. Sample in a certain temperature and pressure, the rotor to a certain degree of rotation torque on the sample to a certain degree of shear stress, measure out the rubber ...

polypropylene pearl films tensile testing machine

this polypropylene pearl films tensile testing machine is to measure tensile strength and elongation at break of polypropylene pearl films( films of single surface heat and both surfaces heat, films of non-heat).1) Adopting aluminum alloy cover, with ...

Salt Spray Test Chamber

Salt spray test chamber is applicable for the salt spray corrosive test for the protected layer of components, parts, electronic and electrical parts and metal materials and industrial products. Salt spray test chamber can be supplied in two versions ...

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Roll Inspection System (ERS1000)

Roll Inspection System (ERS1000)

Product Description Raynar successfully developed a roll inspection system (RAY-ERS1000) detecting defects on surface of roll applied in POSCO’s mini-mill thermosoftening plant. The system developed from Korea's own technology for the first .....
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The single AC (voltage) transmitter

The single AC (voltage) transmitter transfers the single-phase alternating current or voltage signal into the corresponding 4~20mADC,0~10VDC, which are mainly used in the detection of heater, motor and other large electrical equipment working state. .....

computer control electric hydraulic servo universal testing machine

Main Technical Parameters: 1. Max. Test force: 1000KN 2. Accuracy levels: 1 class 3. The column number: 6 columns 4. Measurement range of test force : .....

Sell Leeb Hardness Tester

Model: HT-6561 1.1 Typical Applications * Die cavity of molds * Inspection of bearing and other mass produced parts on a production line * Failure analysis of pressure vessel, steam generator and other equipment * Inspection of installed machinery, .....

TWC-H-10000 Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibrator(Accuracy 1%)

Model TWC-H-10000 Range: 1000~10000 N.m Weight: 125 Kg Hole: Square Drive: 63 mm Square Drive Hole: 65 mm Remark: The reaction force device can be customized according to the actual dimension of hydraulic torque wrench


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We are a research and development company developing a measurement and operating system which is the root of modern industry into one integrated solution related to metrology / inspection equipment and automation solutions for the oriented ...
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The story of Chan Survey goes back to the early 1997s. Before we established our own business, we were out in the field as account executives for architects and engineers. We saw that these professionals were not getting the service they deserved ...
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Shenzhen Suns Technology Stock Co. Limited

SUNS is a leading professional servicer that providing solution plan for material testing. The company specialized in developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing high-class testing instruments and provides resolutions on material testing, ...
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Dongguan Right Testing Machine Co., Ltd

Dongguan Right Testing Machines Co.,Ltd is engaged in production, R & D, design, sales of precision instruments manufacturer.The factory is located in "the world factory" of Dongguan, from the Shenzhen Airport 80 km (50 minutes), Guangzhou Airport ...
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Shanghai Linpin Instrument Stock Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Linpin Instrument Stock Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufaturer of environment and climate test chambers, we have 7 years experience and now we are the lagest factory in test chamber industry in China. Many domestic and overseas customers ...
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Urgently Required Latex Glass Hydrometers

Dear sir : Urgently require 500 pcs each of the Latex Glass Hydrometers, 50-250 and 50-500 ranges, 10-11 inch length, and ask for your best offers FOR Ambala or CIF Ambala, India per courier. SurajParkash gold.ambalaATgmaiIDOTc0m Export Import .....

Want to Buy Fluke 5700A, Anritsu MT8852B, R&S CMW280, etc

I'm looking for the following equipments, if you have, please contact me. BRAND ITERM NO. OPTIONQUANTITY R&S SMU200 3G/LTE 1 Fluke 5700A 2 R&S CMW280 1 Anritsu MT8852B 1 R&S CTB-32 2 .....
CTC Technologies Co., Ltd.
CTC Technologies Co., Ltd.

Required Glass Hydrometer

We have a requirement wishing to place immediate orders for the following : 500 pcs 50 to 250 Latex Scale 500 pcs 50 to 450 Latex Scale 500 pcs 50 to 500 Latex Scale Provide dimensions, illustrations, and state rates, freight and packing CIF .....

Required Glass Hydrometers

We have a requirement wishing to place immediate orders for the following : 500 pcs 50 to 250 Latex Scale 500 pcs 50 to 450 Latex Scale 500 pcs 50 to 500 Latex Scale Provide dimensions, illustrations, and state rates, freight and packing CIF .....
Export Import Consortium
Export Import Consortium

Ultrasonic Testing equipment

We are looking for used Ultrasonic Testing equipment for stainless steel pipes.If you have used one, pls contact us. corsnetbcw AT naver.com Rgds, Hwang