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sell Yaskawa SGMPS-02A2A21 SGDS-15A12AY506 SGMAS-06ACA21 motor

sell Yaskawa SGMPS-02A2A21 SGDS-15A12AY506 SGMAS-06ACA21 motor

We mainly sell industrial lcd panel, touch screen,circuit board,servo amplifier,frequency converter,oil pump,oil valve,and the supply of original power supply injection molding machines, special-purpose etc.welcome to order. TOYO SI-100 SI-180 .....
Date: Jul 27, 2015

HB hybrid stepping motor-2 Phase 57HS

Technique parameter: Step angle Accuracy:5% (fullstep ,no load); Resistance Accuracy:10%; Inductance Accuracy:20%; Temoerature Rise:80.(rated current,2 phase on); Insulation Resistance:100M Min. ,500VDC; Dielectric Resistance:600VAC , 1s , 3mA; .....

Supply 20mm Hybrid Stepper Motor

20mm stepper motor Model: 20BYGH01 Rated voltage: 4.8V Phase current: 0.2A Phase resistance: 24Ohm Phase inductance: 8.0mH Holding torque: 160g-cm ( Wire leads: 4 Weight: 0.05kg Length: 28mm Model: 20BYGH02 Rated voltage: 5.75V Phase .....
Date: Jul 26, 2015

AC Servo Motors AS60-30-006E25

Rated Power (W) : 200 Rated Voltage (V) : 220 Rated Torque (N.m): 0.63 Peak Torque (N.m) : 1.91 Encoder Resolution (PPR) : 2500 CLICK THIS LINK FOR BUYING:
Date: Jul 22, 2015

Stepper motor 86STH65 series , 65mm

Widely used in the feilds of industrial automation, including CNC machines, carving machines, textile machines, automotion feeding equipments and so on . Specifications of 86STH65 Series Hybrid Stepper Motor 2-phase, High Torque, Low Vibration .....
Date: Apr 01, 2015
selling stepping motor,motor drive

selling stepping motor,motor drive

we can supply different kinds of motors with high quality and competitive price.Our factory specialized in stepping motors,brushless motor,motor gera,drive ect.welcome to inquiry us. jinting.wen(at) 1.stepping motors: .....

nema 34 stepping motor 118mm motor length , 8.7N.M holding torque motor stepper

Model Number : Step angel " 1.8 degree phase Voltage : 5.35 V phase current : 4.2 A phase resistance : 1.25ohm phase inductance : 8.0mh holding torque : 8.7N.M weight : 3.2KG Motor length : 118 mm
stepper motor

stepper motor

Application scope: It is widely applied in air conditioner, computer peripheral(print machine duplicator fax machine)medical apparatus,stage lighting and industrial automatis equipment Main technical paramater: Rated voltage 12VDC Number of Pole 4 .....
Chinese stepper motor for cnc router

Chinese stepper motor for cnc router

Product Description Categories: Stepping motor limac two phase->Stepping motor Number: Motor-04 Item: Limac 110Series clicks: 110 times Categories: Stepping motorlimac two phase->Stepping motor Number: Motor-04 Item: Limac 110Series clicks: 109 .....
Date: Sep 01, 2014

Hybrid Stepping Motor 39BYGL

Model:39BYGL215A Step distance mm:0.01 Motor Length L(mm):34 Rate Voltage (V):12 Rate Current (A):0.4 Phase Resistance:30 Phase Inductance (mH):42 Holding Torque ( Lead Wire (NO.):4 Rotor Inertia (g. cm2):20 Motor Weight (kg):0.18
Date: May 19, 2014


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Economic 4 Axis Nema17 Stepper Motors (108 & Drivers

* 4 pcs Nema 17stepper motor 17H2A9417-01A (76Ncm,108 in bipolar connection. * 4 pcs Micro-Stepper motor driver 2L415B, peak 2.0A, up to +40VDC CLICK THIS LINK FOR BUYING:

Nema42 Hybird Step Stepper Stepping motor 110BYGH99-001,3V,6A,,CE,ROHS,ISO,OEM

General Specifications Step Accuracy: -5%--+5% Temperature Rise : 80C Max Ambient Temperature Range:-20--+50 Insulation Resistance : 100Mohm Min 500VDC Dielectric Strength :500VDC 1 Minute Model: 110BYGH99-001 Nema42 Step Angle: 1.8 Motor ...

Stepping Motor/Driver

Usage Occasion for transporting for short distance, positioning in short time ,Stop stably, Start/Stop in high frequency Characteristic 1.PWM rated current driving,Low noise,Small vibration,Low temperature 2.SMD design,Stable circuit 3.Automatic ...

Two-phase stepping motor drive M415B

Supply Voltage 36VDC Drive Current 0.21-1.5A 1-64 subdivide can be chose, dynamic can change to subdivide(customize) Optical isolation signal input Optimize the noise of motor function Can drive any two-phase, four-phase mixed stepping motor under ...

1.8/NEMA 52/Measures 130mm/2-phase Hybrid Stepper Motor

Place of origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Phase: 2 Type: hybrid Certifications: CE, RoHS and ISO RoHS Directive-compliant Step angle: 1.8 Holding torque: 27 to 50nm Current/phase: 6 to 7A Packing details: use export carton, pallet or according to ...


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Changzhou Haisheng Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Changzhou Haisheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional production of HBhybrid stepping motor, BYJ speed permanent magnet stepper motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor TKYJ slowdown manufacturer. The company was founded in 1999, is ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

Jiangsu Changzhou Sutai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

we can supply different kinds of motors with high quality and competitive price.Our factory specialized in stepping motors,brushless motor,motor gera,drive ect.welcome to inquiry us. jinting.wen(at) stepping ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Changzhou Changfengmotor Co., LTD

The company was established in 2003, It is a manufacturer collected of scientific research, production and sales, the company's products are widely used in medical equipment, textile machinery, packaging machinery, machine tools, robots and other ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Service

Changzhou Weitong Electromechanical Co., Ltd

Changzhou weitong electromechanical manufacturing co.,ltd is a professional and experienced company which specializes in producing and researching ,located in changzhou city ,jiangsu province , china . Our main products are stepper motors and ...
Business Type: Manufacturer


Changzhou JiangHua electric appliance Co., Ltd is located in changzhou qi shuyan, north near Shanghai-nanjing expressway, south meets the 312 national highway, the traffic is very convenient. Our company specializing in the production of stepping ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

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Servo motor driver system

Hi,we are a professional manufacturer of Gear motor/dc brushless motor/worm motor,now we want to seek a long term cooperation with some reliable servo motor driver system and Let us make and design servo motor together. Wish you have a advanced .....