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Volkonskoite powder

Volkonskoite powder The fields of this remarkable mineral are known only in Russia. It is a rare mineral. Volkonskoite is sometimes called a "green stone". "Green stone" is a wonder, because its characteristics are not learned. The process of ...
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Ferro Boron

FERRO BORON B 15/18 % min Si 1.5 % max Al 0.5 % max C 0.5 % max P 0.1 % max S 0.01 % max Size 10-50 mm Packing 1 mt big-bag Ferro Boron is used in the production of alloy steel and foundry iron as additives, which can improve the quenching degree and ...

Alluvial-Gold Dore Bars

Un-Refined Raw Gold, with Purity: Minimum-84% to 97%,Minimum Purity 84% to 97%, Can be Refined up to 99.95%, 24-karat Pure GoldRaw Un-Refined Gold Dust, or Gold Nuggets, Pre-Refined In To Gold Dore Bar Form for Export to Free Trade Zone (FTZ) For ...

High purity tungsten rod

High purity tungsten rod Purity:99.95% and 99.99% Density:19.2 g/cc Diatmer:1.5-100mm Length:100-2000mm Surface:mirror surface Liner rate:0.05 Hardness:47-58 Tensile strength:780 Elongation:10% Applications: Suitable for producing ion implantation ...

MgZr30/ MgZr/Magnesium Zirconium/ Magnesium Rare Earth Alloy

1. Mixed container, we can mix different items in one container. 2. Quality control, before shipment, free sample for test. after shipment, keep sample for 3 years 3. Prompt shipment with professional documents 4. Packing as your request, with photo ...

Gold Bars, Gold Nuggets

Our Gold is legally extracted in the mines of eastern DRC. We are ready to provide you with a gold purity of 96.89% or more.
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The

Molybdenum Copper

Mo-Cu composite is similar with Tungsten-Copper composite. These materials are widely used in optoelectronics packages, microwave packages, laser sub-mounts, etc.W50Mo50, W60Mo40, W70Mo30, W75Mo25......These materials are widely used in ...

Gold nuggets

We have Gold bars at 96.0% plus Purity and 22 Carats 1000 kg is available, if you are a serious buyer or buyers Mandate or you are interested in becoming Sellers Mandate please contact us for more information on our procedures and payment terms.Gold ...


  Selenium has good photovoltaic and photoconductive properties, and it is used extensively in electronics, such as photocells, light meters and solar cells. The second largest use of selenium is in the glass industry: selenium is used ...

Lutetium(III) oxide

Application: Used in ndfeb permanent magnet materials, chemical additives, electronic industry and scientific research, etc.

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Rare earth chemicals

Rare earth chemicals

2-1 Lanthium Carbonate, 56% min 2-2 Lanthium Oxide, 99.5%~99.9995% min 2-3 Cerium Carbonate, 56% min 2-4 Cerium Hydroxide, 52% min 2-5 Cerium Oxide, 99.5% min 2-6 Erbium Oxide,99% min. 2-7 Europium Oxide 99.99% min. 2-8 Gadolinium Oxide 99% min. 2-9 .....
coltan(Tantalite)ready for export

coltan(Tantalite)ready for export

Dear principle Buyers We wish to confirm with full legal responsibility, under the penalty of perjury,that we are the principle sellers of the material mentioned below with its Commodity:coltan (Colombo-Tantalite) being Tantalum Ta5 o5 Quantity:60 .....
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Tantalum ta plate sheet foil strip rod wire tube target

Tantalum is a grayish silver, dense, ductile, very hard, easily fabricated, and highly corrosion resistant metal. It is part of the refractory metals group and occurs naturally in the mineral tantalite, always together with the chemically similar .....
Date: Feb 14, 2016

For Sale: Gold Dore Bars (CIF)

Gold is always Available to Qualified Transparent Gold-Buyers, Who Demonstrate Financial Capacity (POF), to Buy Sellers Gold! (SCO-CIF) Never-Up-Front Fees 01- Alluvial-Gold Dore Bars, 02- Origin: West Africa (Ghana), 03- Purity: Minimum-84% to .....


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Veridica Financial Service, Inc

Thanks For Your Interest in Buying Gold Dore Bars Summary Gold is always Available to Qualified Transparent Gold-Buyers, Who Demonstrate Financial Capacity (POF), to Buy Gold! (SCO-CIF) Never-Up-Front Fees 01- Alluvial-Gold Dore Bars, 02- ...
Business Type: Exporter, Agent, Service
United States

Misisi Mining B

We are a mining group operating in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, more precisely in the provinces of South Kivu, North Kivu, Ituri and Katanga. In search of new partners or buyers, We will be very happy and satisfied to sell you gold and ...
Business Type: Exporter, Importer, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer, Others
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The

World Wide Traders

World Wide Traders was registered and incorporated in the republic of Kenya in 2009.We are located on road c industrial area we do export for gold bars/nuggets to any destination/country. We are among-st the leading top gold collectors from small ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Distributor

Zibo Baogang Lingzhi Rare Earth Hi-tech Co., Ltd

Baosteel Lingzhi Rare Earth Hi-tech Co., Ltd. was founded in April 1994.In June 2003, the company became a partially-owned subsidiary of China Northern Rare Earth Group (Inner Mongolia Baogang Rare Earth High-tech Co., Ltd.) In March 2009, the ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Zibo Baosteel Lingzhi Rare-earth Hi-tech Co., Ltd.

Zibo Baosteel Lingzhi Rare Earth Hi-tech Co.Ltd was found in April 1994.In June 2003,the company became a partially-owned subsidiary of China Northern Rare Earth Group(Inner Mongolia Baogang Rare Earth Hi-tech Co.Ltd).
Business Type: Manufacturer

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WE ARE END BUYER WE NEED... Commodity: AU Gold dust/nuggets/bars purity: 92% or plus (22 carat or plus) price: NEGOTIABLE, to apply for each kilo of pure gold returned by the refinery, via CIF terms. Quantity: 5 - 10 - 30 kg as trial .....

Gold bulion, CIF Dubai

United States

Gold Dore Bars

We are looking out for genuine sellers of Gold Dore Bars.We have buyers in Dubai & Europe please contact its urgent. PS.. GENUINE SELLERS ONLY

Gold Dust/Gold Dore Bars

We are Paying (72%) of Refinery Settlement Price for Gold. Payment is made within (5) Banking Days after Refinery Settlement by Wire Transfer from our Bank to Your Bank. We Suggest a Trial Shipment of (25 KG). Gordon Krehnke President Gold Crown .....

Buy polycrystalline silicon or top ,tail

We want to buy polycrystalline silicon ingot in 2009 . or tails and scrap top . Specification demand as belows: We do have polysilicon chunks 6N above at regularly . Specifications attached. Price: USD ___/kg CNF Shanghai. Payment terms: .....