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Rare earth chemicals

2-1 Lanthium Carbonate, 56% min 2-2 Lanthium Oxide, 99.5%~99.9995% min 2-3 Cerium Carbonate, 56% min 2-4 Cerium Hydroxide, 52% min 2-5 Cerium Oxide, 99.5% min 2-6 Erbium Oxide,99% min. 2-7 Europium Oxide 99.99% min. 2-8 Gadolinium Oxide 99% min. 2-9 .....


Sodium 1 Usage: 1) Sodium is the important raw materials of small sodium rubber and indigo production, and also the raw materials of a variety of reagents such as Sodium peroxide, sodium cyanide, sodium bromide and sodium-based. Sodiums main .....

Molybdenum products

Molybdenum is a refractory products with melting point: 2610 ,we can supply varied molybdenum products include: molybdenum rod, tube, plate, foil, wire and molybdenum structural parts. We can also supply molybdenum crucible and molybdenum target. .....

Tungsten Wires 0.04mm diameter

Tungsten Wires 0.04mm diameter 99.95% above purity size: 0.04mm diameter---0.5mm diameter x Length MOQ: 1meter

Sell La metal

We have the below specs ofLanthanum metal at competitive price for sell: Specs: REM: 99% min, La/REM: 99.5% min, Fe: 0.15% max, Ca: 0.1% max, Mg: 0.05% max, Zn: 0.05% max, Pb: 0.03% max and no adulterant and electrolyte on the surface. Weight:.....

Erbium Oxide rare earth supplier

Erbium Oxide CAS: 12061-16-4 Er2O3: 99.99% Min. Y2O3: 0.001% Max. La2O3: 0.001% Max. CeO2: 0.001% Max. Pr6O11: 0.001% Max. Nd2O3: 0.01% Max. Sm2O3: 0.001% Max. Eu2O3: 0.001% Max. Gd2O3: 0.001% Max. Tb4O7: 0.0005% Max. Dy2O3: 0.002% Max. Ho2O3: .....
acicular wollastonite

acicular wollastonite

wollastonite , acicular wollastonite ,activated wollastonite, silanize wollastonite ,etc. If you find any of them be of interest to you, please feel free to contact us, we would be glad to give you our best price. Looking forward to your cooperation .....
zinc silicofluoride

zinc silicofluoride

We would like to introduce ourselves to you as a big fluoride factory in China. Our main chemical goods is sodium silicofluoride ,sodium fluorosilicate, potassium silicofluoride, potassium fluorosilicate, magnesium silicofluoride, magnesium .....

molybdenum plate

molybdenum plate/sheet, pure molybdenum plate/sheet purity:99.95% package:well delivery time: 10days size:as clients' requirments


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Ferro Boron

FERRO BORON B 15/18 % min Si 1.5 % max Al 0.5 % max C 0.5 % max P 0.1 % max S 0.01 % max Size 10-50 mm Packing 1 mt big-bag Ferro Boron is used in the production of alloy steel and foundry iron as additives, which can improve the quenching degree and ...


Clicked:13124 Ferro Silicon Barium is a new type of deoxidizer and has desulfurizing and dephosphorizing capacity. It's widely used in Metallurgy, Mechanical, Casting, Steelmaking industry. Silicon Barium alloy is a highly effective, long-term ...

Red Mercury (Antimony Mercury Oxide)

Red Mercury (Antimony Mercury Oxide) CAS: 20720-76-7 Chemical formula: Sb2O7Hg2 = 2Hg0+Sb2O3+O2 Molecule: 200.6x2+2x121.8+7x16 = 756.8g/mol Quality: Fluid Purity: 99.9999% Color: Cherry red Density: 20/20 Melting point: -37.50C Boiling point: ...

Molybdenum Crucible

We can produce the molybdenum crucibles according to your requirements. Most molybdenum crucible is produced by sintering pure molybdenum. The reason to use pure molybdenum as raw material is to prevent other metals melting in the molybdenum crucible ...

SO certificate Silicon carbide heating SiC heater Sic heating element Hot sale

it's produced by using the material of high purity silicon carbide and adopting German unique high temperature sintering1. High heat surface temperature: up to 1500C 2. Large infrared radiation rate: 5 ~10 times the output of Nichrome wires 3. High ...


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Monakus Doo

We can offer you many products. copper powder, zinc powder, uranium etc.
Business Type: Agent

John Mason Excport Limited

We at John Mason Export Limited (including Mason Corporation Ltd.) are Buyers on our own account of African and other sourced Gold in the form of Dore Bars. We are capable of Buying all your Gold but we will not pay for your export expenses for ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer
United Kingdom

Interworld Pty. Ltd.

We will refine the Raw Gold you have delivered to us and will subsequently purchase the resulting Net Gold Refining Return (Fine Gold). For further information visit our website or contact us by e-mail. Yours sincerely, INTERWORLD PTY LTD Precious ...
Business Type: Importer, Service, Others

Anteneh Wondafrash General Import/export

Our company is engaged in the export trade of Tantlite from Ethiopia for the past 6 years. We can supply the mineral in different Ta2o5 content on a regular basis.
Business Type: Exporter, Importer, Agent

Flance (Beijing) Nanotechnology

Flance (Beijing) Nanotechnology was established in 2013 october at Zhongguancun science park ,Beijing. We dedicate to nano metal powder production equipment, to promote the industrialization of nano metal powder production and industrialization of ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

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WE ARE END BUYER WE NEED... Commodity: AU Gold dust/nuggets/bars purity: 92% or plus (22 carat or plus) price: NEGOTIABLE, to apply for each kilo of pure gold returned by the refinery, via CIF terms. Quantity: 5 - 10 - 30 kg as trial .....

Buy polycrystalline silicon or top ,tail

We want to buy polycrystalline silicon ingot in 2009 . or tails and scrap top . Specification demand as belows: We do have polysilicon chunks 6N above at regularly . Specifications attached. Price: USD ___/kg CNF Shanghai. Payment terms: .....

HMS 1 & 2

We are in urgent need of HMS 1 & 2 with maximum quantities of 30,000mt X 12 and up contract. Please send us your soft offer. Please direct sellers only.
United States


Our buyer from Italy now in Ghana to conclude couple of deals. We still need competitive offers, not more than USD 32,000 per kg start from 50kg, then higher volume monthly await your offer soonest. N.SATA

Buy Chromium Metal----comeon12345(at)live.cn

Name:Chromium Metal Specificataion: Cr 99%min Fe 0.35%max Si 0.25%max Al 0.30%max Cu 0.02%max C 0.02%max S 0.02%max P 0.01%max Pb 0.0005%max Sn 0.001%max Bi 0.001%max As 0.001%max N 0.05%max H 0.01%max O 0.50%max .....