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Low Voltage Multi-Core Silicone Rubber Insulated Electric Power Cable

conductor:copper or aluminum insulation:silicone rubber sheath:silicone rubber voltage:low voltage core:multi cores1.Ac rated voltage U0 / U including 450/750 kv; 2.The highest working temperature:180 centigrade; Minimun ambient fixed installation: ...

70mm2 10kv copper conductor xlpe cable

This cable to be used for power circuits of grounding off or one side grounding for 6/10KV, having excellent electrical, physical and chemical and flame retardant properties.Construction: 1, Conductor: Annealed copper wire(Concentric Circular, ...

Aluminum Alloy Cable

1. Introduction: Aluminum Alloy Cable is a new material power cable using AA-8000 series Aluminum Alloy for conductor and adopting special intense compact and annealing crafts. It improves a lot over pure Aluminum cable at conductivity, bending ...

Silicone Rubber Cable

Insulation Material:PVC, XLPE Conductor Material:Copper Sheath: PVC Type:Low Voltage Voltage:0.6/1KVAc rated voltage U0 / U including 450/750 kv The highest working temperature: 180 degree. Cable installation temperature under installation should not ...

0.6/1kv XLPE insulated marine power cable

0.6/1kv XLPE insulated marine power cable is for laying in fixed installation for offshore constructions.Standard: GB9331-2008Specification: Type ZA type Cores Nominal cross section (mm) CJV, CJV80 CJV90, CJV92 1 1-300 2 1-120 3 1-185 4-37 1-2.5 ...

24V PoweredUSB to 1x8pin Cable

This High-End cable provides the ability to supply power and communication signals using a single cable. The new innovative powered USB technology is extremely useful for the retail POS, industrial, security and for medical devices. It provides ...

8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/30 AWG Various Colours Flexible Silicone Wire Cable

- 600v operating voltage - Working temperature between -60 and 200 degrees - Gauges: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 30 - Colours: Red, Black8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 30 Colours available Red, Black Our high quality silicone wire cable is ...

Shield Pairs SWB LSZH Sheathed composite cables

Coaxial Cable(in the center of the cable core) Conductor Solid coppe rconductor Insulation Polyethylene.Thickness1.56mm Shield Braid of bare copper wire. Sheath LSZH sheath. Nominal outer diameter 6.2mm Sheath Color Black 3x1x2x24/7 AWG Shielded ...

NEK 606 Standard Fire Resistant Power and Control Cables,P34 BFOU-HCF 0.6/1 kV

Contacter: Penny Zou E-mail: penny@caledonian-cables.com Website: www.caledonian-cables.co.uk TEL: 021-62860355,18930597072 P34 BFOU-HCF 0.6/1 kV Applications These cables are fire resistant, flame retardant, low smoke and halogen free, used for ...

Ud Cable, , AA-8000 Series Aluminum Alloy Conductor

UD Conductor: Compressed stranded aluminum conductor 1359- H19; Insulation: UL 854 recognized cross-linked polyethylene; SINGLE CONDUCTOR 600V UD;Secondary UD Duplex 600V; Secondary UD Triplex 600V;Secondary UD Quadruplex 600V; Use at 600 volts or ...

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Strand Sluminum Conductor Armoured Power Cable

A. Executive Standard It is manufactured under IEC 60502 standard. B. Using Features 1. Rated voltage includes 0.6/1kv, 1.8/3kv, 3.6/6kv, 6/6kv, 6/10kv, 8.7/10kv, 8.7/15kv, 12/20kv, 18/30kv. 2. The highest allowed operating temperature of conductor .....
Insolation PVC Material 5.52.1MM DC Power Cables

Insolation PVC Material 5.52.1MM DC Power Cables

Feature: 1. Tinned or bare stranded copper conductor 2. Insulation: RoHs PVC 3. Jacket: Color coded PVC, RoHs PVC 4. European harmonized approved cables, VDE approved 5. Uniform insulation thickness to ensureeasy stripping and cutting 6.Resistant .....

ADSS 24B1 PE-300 optical fiber cable

product description:ADSS cable is taken loose tube stranded structure .Fibers 250um are put into a loose tube made of high modulus plastics. Then the tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound.The tubes and fillers are stranded around .....
Sandwich compact busbar trunking

Sandwich compact busbar trunking

Contact person: Mr. Tom express (at) sh-zhenda (dot) com Specification: 1 Current Rating: 400 A to 6300 A(CU) or 100A to 4000A(AL) 2 Ingress protection of IP54 or IP65 3 Insulation curent rating: [upto 1000 A] 4 Standard lengths of 4m/3m/2m/1m 5 .....


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Koryo Electric Wire Co., Ltd

Koryo proudly devoted our soul efforts in building national infrastructure by cooperating with KEPCO(Korea Electric Power Corporation) and in maximizing the value of our customers.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
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Sichuan Xinrong Electric Cable Co., Ltd.

Established in 1995, Sichuan Xinrong Electric Cable Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of electric cables, integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. It is a privately owned company, with its main products 35KV XLPE power cable, ABC cable, Bare ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

Heibei Hualin Special Type Cable Co., Ltd.

Hebei Hualin Special type cable company is an advanced and leading manufacturer in producing special type cables, such as pvc or xlpe insulated power cables, control cables, silicone rubber cables, screened or shielded cables and etc. Our products ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Hualin Cable Co., Ltd

Hualin Cable Co., Ltd., founded in 1990. The companys leading products: Hualin high/low-temperature resistant cables, power cables, high voltage XLPE cables, irradiation cross-linked cables, aluminum cables, control cables, computer cables, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler/Retailer


Qingdao Hanhe Cable Co., Ltd is one technology-intensive enterprise group, engaged in R & D and production management of cables and wires. The company has Jiaozuo, Changsha, Beihai, Changzhou Bayi, Qingdao Huadian High Voltage Holding and ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Service

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XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power

XLPE-Insulated-Stee Wire Armoured Power-Cable Products characteristics: Operating temperature: Max. Permissible continuous operating temperature of Conductors shall not exceed 90degree Conductor Short circuit temperature: No exceeding 250degree .....
LC International S.A
LC International S.A



electric power cables

require 1.5 klm of high voltage power cable. xlpe 3x25mm 6.35/11kv scr pvc
Corpadmin Pty Ltd
Corpadmin Pty Ltd

L7 extension of the distribution network of Kinshasa

Good day Sir Please, assist us with a quote on " Power Cables " related to this project: DRC Project ItemsDescriptionsUnitQty 1Rseau MT 1.1 Cabines de distribution 1.1.1Cabine prfabrique compacte 20 kV, sans Transformateur .....
ABB South Africa
South Africa
ABB South Africa
South Africa