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Hearing AIDS, maintenance, maintenance, box,

Working details of disinfection and drying box: Size: 9.5mm*7.5mm*4.5mm Input voltage: 5V. Adapter:5V 1A. USB cable. Normal working voltage: 480ha 1.When box connect power, two indicator LEDs flicker 2.Touch on/off button one time, one LED will light. ...

Heavy copper PCB board

With top quality, excellent service and competitive prices, prompt delivery are our targets to enable us to be your best partner in business. Hitech is willing to develop business relationship with customers from all over the word and we believe that ...

massor for face

Massager is aimed at facial massage.Three controller panel,wireless control six models.As follow :Cheek massage massage/around the mouth;cheeks massage massage around/cheekbones;cheek massage massage/jaw joint;massage around the nose;massage around ...

rigid pcb

6layer pcb with blind vias Immersion gold finishing. FR-4 TG170 1.6MM+/-10%

Double side Printed Circuits Board (PCB) with 2 OZ copper and 25um Copper thickness in vias for Powe

Double side Printed Circuits Board (PCB) with 2 OZ copper and 25um Copper thickness in vias for Power Solution Printed Circuits Board,Printed Circuits Board (PCB),Double side Printed Circuits Board,Printed Circuits Board with 2 OZ copper,PCB with 2 OZ ...

Lead Free HASL FR-4 Multiple Layer PCB

Layers:8 Board Thinckness:1.6mm Material:FR-4 Base copper: 1 oz Solder mask: Green Surface finishing: HASL(Lead free) Min. Line Width/Spacing: 0.075/0.075mm Min. Hole:0.25mmour company have online quote system,you can make a quotation on our website: ...

FCCL (Flexible Copper Clad Lamination)

Rigid PCB to replace the existing curvature is possible to allow for the emergence of ultra-small electronic circuit board, which is the next generation in the base of FPCB. Material: - Polyimide FILM - Adhesives - Copper foil

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OEM double side PCB sterilizer

Feature: Item: Toothbrush Sterilizer PCB Power Input: 3v (2pcs of AA Batteries) Transformer: EPC13 (High Frequency) PCB pasted by equipment named JUKI-KE-2050L and have Plus-n-Minus. All products are independent research and development, stable, .....

full-consigned pcb assembly

Grande is specialized in providing one-stop service of pcb prototype, from pcb layout, fabrication, components procurement to assembly, even the box build, function test. Facility locates in Shenzhen and Huizhou, covering 15,000 square meters with .....
Heat Seal Connector Introduction

Heat Seal Connector Introduction

HEAT SEAL CONNECTOR INTRODUCTION Heat Seal connector (Heat Seal Paper) is a kind of flexible connector, which carbon or silver ink is used as conductor to be printed on a polyester (PET) film. Its adherent is made of conductive particles dispersed .....


We csn supply all kinds of electrical switchgears device, such as MCB, MCCB, RCD, Contactor,and accessories. Especially, we can supply 10KA MCB with KEMA/SEMKO, RCD with SEMKO... We will be very happy if you can visit our web mekelec.cn
Date: Aug 24, 2016


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Shenzhen Qianhai Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd

Zhongyi Technology CO.,Ltd. is devoted to the best and the fastest services for innovation and development of electronic technology, striving to build a world-class Printed Circuit Board manufacturer. The company headquarters and production base is ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Service

Uniwill Flex Print Circuit

Shenzhen Uniwill Flex Print Circuit Co.,Ltd is a professional PCB company. Established in March, 2004, we have advanced processing equipment and a professional PCB R&D team. After years of effort, our capacity grows rapidly and the monthly ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler/Retailer

Abis Circuits Co., Ltd

Abis Circuits Co. Ltd ,established in 2006, Located in shenzhen, our company has about 1100 workers and two pcb workshops with about 50000 square meters. Our products are mostly used in the field of testing, computer, medical equipment and military, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer


PCGL Limited is a subsidiary of PCB Components Group, mainly engaged in bare PCB and LED fabrication and SMT assembly. With the headquarter in Shenzhen, We established modern R&D and manufacturing base in Shenzhen, Huizhou and Hefei with monthly ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer


HawkwinTechs product range are including from Single / Double sided to Multi-layers(up to 20 layers) PCB with simple or complexity design made from heavy copper, halogen-free and High Tg FR4 material; We can offer the HDI PCB with high precision ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

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waste computer and mobile phone PCB scrap

We need waste computer and mobile phone PCB scrap for big quantity, if you can offer, please send me off photo, and quantity and price(CNF HK)

copper clad laminate

We in India are leading importer of Copper Clad Laminates and other PCB raw materials with specialisation in Aluminium CCL. We are looking for suppliers from all over the world to Offer the following material:Copper clad laminates in Grade .....

Phenolic SRBP copper clad laminated board.

Hello, I need to purchase the older style unbranded dark brown Phenolic SRBP copper clad laminated board. I would like to establish business relationship with reliable and professional suppliers. If you are suppliers of the above goods, please .....
Pigeon FX
United Kingdom
Pigeon FX
United Kingdom

buy electronic waste

We are looking for all the used parts relative to PC & printer, such as LCD display, mother board and cartrigdes. If you can supply, please feel freely to contact me. Regards,

Looking for PCBA service

We have lots pcb need assembly service. Pls. contact us for details. We only accept factory. Trade company and agency,Pls. don't contact us. Thanks. Best regards Fenny Zhong