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Rechargeable PCB

1.Charge PCB, voltage is 5V. LED light red. 2. After fully charged, LED light blue. 3.Touch the on-off, UV Lamp will start work for 8 mins. Then automatically go out. Size of PCB is 52mm*20mm*20mm (Including the high of on-off and electric part.) PCB ...
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Non Solder Mask Doule-side High Frequency Immersion Tin Board

layer2 Board thickness1.2MM Min hole size0.5MM Min track/space1.2/2.0MM Inside copper thickness/ Outside copper thickness1OZ Surface finishImmersion Tin S.M. color/


PCB Assembly, Suitable for Medical, Network, and Telecommunications Appliances

Allwinner A31 Open-Source Development Kit Mixtile Mega-Q

We are specialize in customized design and manufacturing, if you have any requirement about this, pls feel free to contact us . Mixtile MEGA-Q is an open-source development kit based on Allwinner A31 chip. Features: 1. Allwinner A31 ARM ...

YAMAHA CL16mm SMT Feeder KW1-M3200-10X

We supply all kinds of YAMAHA CL Feeders, also feeder parts. Part No: YAMAHA CL Feeder KW1-M1500-030 Yamaha CL 8*2mm Feeders for 0201 KW1-M1400-00X Yamaha CL 8*2mm Feeders for 0402 KW1-M1100-000 Yamaha CL 8*4mm Feeders KW1-M2200-300 Yamaha CL 12mm ...

High Precision Lead Free HASL Rigid Pcb Board Printed Circuit Board

custom HASL pcb manufacturer Product range .Single -sided PCB .Double-sided PCB .Gold finger PCB .Multilayer PCB/HDI PCB .Flexible PCB .Rigid flexible PCB(single,double or 4 layers) .Aluminum PCBcustom HASL pcb manufacturer Product range .Single ...

8 layer pcb circuit board pcb cheap prototype pcb

Welcome to Pcbway! As you know, PCB is customized product, so the above price and information is just for your reference. Please contact us before pay your order, we will offer a new quotation for you. Please send us your PCB gerber file or other ...

Six-layers-PCB, ENIG, Robot, Flex-rigid PCB

Six-layers-PCB, ENIG, Robot, Flex-rigid PCB Board materialFR-4 Surface treatmentENIG, immersion gold Layer(s) 6 Application Robot Highlight Flex-rigidSix-layers-PCB, ENIG, Robot, Flex-rigid PCBSix-layers-PCB, ENIG, Robot, Flex-rigid PCB

PCB board, LED printed circuit board

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Model Number: Single Sided Base Material: Aluminum Copper Thickness: 1oz Board Thickness: 1mm Min. Hole Diameter: 0.2mm Min. Line Width: 0.2mm Min. Line Spacing: 0.2mm Surface Finishing: ENIG Module: xbox ...

12 layers Control Printed Circuit Boards

Base material: FR4 Copper thicknesses: 1oz Board thicknesses: 1.6mm Minimum hole size: 0.25mm Minimum line width: 0.12mm Minimum line spacing: 0.12mm Surface finishing: HASL

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South Korea, toothbrush sterilizer circuit board, uv toothbrush sterilizer, uv lamp

1;Feature: Item: Toothbrush Sterilizer PCB Power Input: 3v (2pcs of AA Batteries) Transformer: EPC13 (High Frequency) PCB pasted by equipment named JUKI-KE-2050L and have Plus-n-Minus. All products are independent research and development, stable, .....
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ddr2 RAM Memory for computer

We provide all kinds of Memory RAM for Laptop and Desktop Computer. SD RAM 133MHz 128MB Kingston SD RAM 133MHz 256MB KINGSTON SD RAM 133MHz 512MB Kingston DDR400 RAM 256MB DDR400 RAM 512MB DDR400 1GB RAM DDR2 512MB RAM DDR2 1GB RAM DDR2 .....

Printed Circuit Board

Our company professionally offers various printed circuit boards ( PCB ) in great quantity. PCB type: single side PCBs, double side PCBs, multilayer PCBs. Material type: FR-1, CEM-1, CEM-3, FR-4. Also provide a service of PCB Layout if the clients .....
Heat Seal Connector Introduction

Heat Seal Connector Introduction

HEAT SEAL CONNECTOR INTRODUCTION Heat Seal connector (Heat Seal Paper) is a kind of flexible connector, which carbon or silver ink is used as conductor to be printed on a polyester (PET) film. Its adherent is made of conductive particles dispersed .....

Supply TP1 Series Thermal Protector

Using scope: Applies to the fractional electric motor , coils , liquid pumps , fluorescent ballast , the washer electrical machinery , the air conditioner electrical machinery , the transformer , the illumination lamps and lanterns , the .....


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Shenzhen Topscom Technology Co., Ltd

Topscom is a professional contract EMS manufacturer in Shenzhen China since 1995. We have plentiful experience in different electronic products. Especial in Medical equipment, Automotive products, Telecomunication ,industrial equipmentsand so on. We ...
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Shenzhen Tianweisheng Electronic Co., Ltd.

Our company Shenzhen Tianweisheng electronic Co.,LTD,established in 1998, is located in Shenzhen,China. A professional manufacturer of PCB or PCBA in Shenzhen, can do custom PCB or PCBA of all kinds of electronics.With experienced staffs, we offer ...
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ZHUHAI ANHO LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is located in Zhuhai a beautiful Beach City of China, we are a manufacturer of LED base board, COB led module and all kinds of COB led lights. The base Board has ceramic, mirror aluminum, and copper base ...
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Diancheng Circuit Board Company

Shenzhen Diancheng Circuit Board Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in high precision double-sided and multilayer board manufacturing. We were established in 2006 and located in Shajing Street, Shenzhen, China. We have a high-quality ...
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ShenZhen HuaQiangJuFeng Electronic Co Ltd

Founded in 2011 and invested by Huaqiang Group, HQPCB(Huaqiang PCB) is the top-grade prototype and small-volume PCB manufacturer in China. Our main business is multilayer PCB up to 16 layers, and concentrates on high quality and fast development. We ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

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waste computer and mobile phone PCB scrap

We need waste computer and mobile phone PCB scrap for big quantity, if you can offer, please send me off photo, and quantity and price(CNF HK)

copper clad laminate

We in India are leading importer of Copper Clad Laminates and other PCB raw materials with specialisation in Aluminium CCL. We are looking for suppliers from all over the world to Offer the following material:Copper clad laminates in Grade .....

Phenolic SRBP copper clad laminated board.

Hello, I need to purchase the older style unbranded dark brown Phenolic SRBP copper clad laminated board. I would like to establish business relationship with reliable and professional suppliers. If you are suppliers of the above goods, please .....
Pigeon FX
United Kingdom
Pigeon FX
United Kingdom

buy electronic waste

We are looking for all the used parts relative to PC & printer, such as LCD display, mother board and cartrigdes. If you can supply, please feel freely to contact me. Regards,

I want to be your PCB supplier

Hello,Dear Sir, I want to be your PCB supplier. We are professional PCB manufacturer with ten years experiences and have a good name from our clients .you can know us a little by below information. 1. Products range-single, double side .....
Wonderful PCB Limited
Wonderful PCB Limited