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[Product Description] RAK-U05A has 5 oxygen units and 1 oxygen booster to rise outlet oxygen pressure up to 4.0bar. Oxygen unit produce the high purity oxygen continuously by PSA process. 5 oxygen units are mounted inside. This completely single type ...
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Dongfeng Cummins generator

Company mainly produces Cummins B,C,D/L series of mechanical and ISDe,ISLe,ISZ series fully electronically controlled diesel engine, natural gas engine grnerator B series, D series marine, engine displacemnet of 3.9L,4.5L,5.9L,6.7L,8.3L,8.9L,13L, ...

Hydrogen Oxygen Gas Generator

Hydrogen Oxygen Gas Generator is a high performance gas-generating soldering unit producing a high temperaturer flame-in the range 3000C -with a reliable, low cost and safe operation. Using a standard electrical supply, hydrogen and oxygen gases are ...

hydrogen oxygen gas generator -600 liter/hour

Hydrogen oxygen gas generator-HHO gas generator, also named oxyhydrogen generator or brown gas generator, is widely used in polishing acrylic signs and billboards, welding enameled copper wires in electric motors and transformers,melting and repairing ...

New 3L Oxygen Generator Public Oxygen Bar For Hospital Family Health Care

Machine for generating oxygen1.Installed two tower oxygen molecular sieve 2.Professional nebulization efficiency, nebulization treatment for respiratory system during intake oxygen 3.Use with pressure control system for oxygen making and supply in one ...

Herb Ion Generator_Zen-Air

Developed and Manufactured by Pion-Tech, Zen Air is a personal Herb-Ion generator which helps to maintain body & mind in optimum condition by alternating polluted air surrounding us to nutritious one with the synergy effect of negative ion(O2-) and ...

Compact Oxygen Generator

PRODUCT FEATURES High - efficiency oxygen generator Generation of clean oxygen : The unit supplies clean 30% oxygen. Oxygen is the nutrient for the brain, the brain of an adult accounts for 2 to 3 percent of the whole body in terms of weight but ...

G5100_Programmable Function Generator

15MHz, Programmable, Sweep, Setup, Remote Control with RS232 & GP-IB, Free Voltage

nitrogen generator

WhatisPSATechnology? PSATechnologyisaverymaturetechnologyandhasbeenaroundsincethe1970's.Infact,thousands ...

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wind turbine generator 300W-20KW

2KW, 5KW, GRID CONNECTION WORKING SYSTEM; 300W-20KW OFF-GRID WORKING SYSTEM. Solar and wind hybrid system FRB aerofoil blades, high wind speed use ratio; PMG, AC 3 phrase 8-16 poles Tower height can be special request, also can be purchased from .....

wind turbine generator 5kw (ce, iso approved)

Model name: FD5-5kw & FD6-5kw Horizontal axis, 3 blades, PMG, AC 3 phrases Blades diameters: 5m or 6m Rated working wind speed: 12m/s(6m blades diameters is 10m/s) Start up working speed: 3m/s Working wind speed: 3m/s-30m/s Survival wind .....
Wall Mounted Hybrid Solar Online UPS with PV Input 1000va, 2000va, 3000va

Wall Mounted Hybrid Solar Online UPS with PV Input 1000va, 2000va, 3000va

Wall Mounted Hybrid Solar Online UPS with PV Input 1000va, 2000va, 3000va Model: Solar PV Online UPS Bright Star Series 1K-3Kva ( 1ph in / 1ph out ) Absolute advantages .....
Shenzhen UPSEN Electric Co., Ltd.
Date: Jan 28, 2016
Shenzhen UPSEN Electric Co., Ltd.
DC Motor

DC Motor

We are the big industries trading company in china,we are special in produce all kinds of motor,motor parts,auto parts,such as commutator,half shaft,bearing,carbon brush,brush holder,magnetic materials,etc.welcome to contact us for develop new .....

350KW cummins marine generator

CCFJ-350J 350KW(Diesel Marine Genset)With CCS Certificate KTA19-D(M)/392KW With CCS &IMO Certificate Stamford HCM4F/350KW with CCS Certificate 60HZ, three phrase, three wires 440V,1800/RPM, sea water pump heat exchanger cooling .....


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Han Young Electronics Co., Ltd.

Electronics components:Transformer,adaptor,Ferrite magnetic components for electronics.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
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Jiyuan City Union Cheng industry and Trade Co., Ltd., is a professional engaged in machinery manufacturing and parts processing, assembly of enterprises, set forging, heat treatment, machining in one. The company is located in the emerging ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Agent

Qingdao Richuan Precision Machinery Co., LTD

Qingdao Richuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company located in Qingdao, engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service o small-and medium-scale wind turbines. Our main products include horizontal axis and ...
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Date of establishment : March of 2011 C.E.O : Kay Main products : Sensors for Pedestrians, Vehicle, Objects and Home automation device Number of Employees : 8 Office : Rm 1040 ITECO, 762 Deokpung-dong, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Business Type: Manufacturer

Dwi Pangga

Dwi Pangga is a provider of a variety of different product MRO (Maitenance, Repair, Operations). With the name of the legal entity of Dwi Pangga. We provide a variety of products for your industry from the individual to the company. The price ...
Business Type: Wholesaler/Retailer

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buying e-waste

electric-electronic waste information and Telecommunications equipments

Want to Buy Used Test Equipment Signal Generator R&S SMU-200A

R&SSMU200A can be optimally adapted to the requirements of different applica-tions. The first RF path can be equipped with one of the four available frequency options. The upper frequency limit of 2.2GHz / 3 GHz / 4 GHz or 6 GHz is user-selectable. .....
CTC Technologies Co., Ltd.
CTC Technologies Co., Ltd.

We want to buy products for selling in Chinese market

Dear Sirs/Madams, We are a factory in Guangdong, China, and we have about 10 years trading experience, if you have good products and want to sell in Chinese Market, please contact with me immediately and you will be satisfied with our.....


We are looking for similar generators Please check the model spec in below website. (http://www.fordpower.cc/) 1 FG 4650 50units 2 FG 4650B 50 units 3 FG 6250E 50 units 4 FG 7750E 50 units 5 FG 10000E 30 units We prefer .....

Wind generators of all sizes

Were requested to supply / install all equipments to build wind farms of different sizes in north Italy : 1. Size 1-100-KWs = different applications, 2. Stand alone (with battery bank, controller, inverter) & grid connect (bigger sizes) = .....