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Pressboard strips and spacers for oil transformer

Transformer insulating strips and spacers provide proper and accurate oilways. Main types of strip include: Rectangular strips, T-strips,trapezoidal strips and other shaped strips.Insulation class A (105 C) 100% sulphate pulp Natural-coloured ...

NEMA C Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Sheet

Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheets are made of cotton cloth impregnated phenolic resin by processing under heat and pressure. Type: NEMA C Ref: PFCC201, IEC/ HGW2082, DIN 7735/ C, NEMACharacteristics: - Excellent mechanical properties - High ...

Heatsink Silicone Rubber Thermal Insulation Conductive Pad

PM350 high thermal silicone gap pad are widely used in occasion of high demand for heat conduction and insulation. Using high thermal conductive properties, and the soft silicone characteristic make it exert the maximum thermal conductive property, ...

Lightning Arrester (3KV-36KV)

Specifications Lightning Arrester: 1. Excellent protective performance. 2. Good insulating properties. 3. High level of durability. Lightning Arresteris mainly used to protect distribution transformer, cable connector and electric equipment ...

Shield Continuity Wire and Connector

GPPB shield continuity wire is made of electric insulated wire and metal clamper. There are many galvanizing lines inside, which plays the role of electrostatic shielding in the system of cable joint. Different colors, length and numbers of core can ...

0.2mm ultra thin ixpe foam for electronics

we produce PE foam material without adhesvie for ultra-thin tape material using on the electronics , we have stable customer who use our foam for this application per month, We're the largest manufactuer of irradiation cross-linked polyolefin foam in ...

high temperature electrical tape HET-103 Electrical Tape

Material: PVC Adhesive Side: Single Sided Adhesive: Rubber Adhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive Feature: Heat-Resistant Design Printing: No Printing Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) application: insulation length: 9m or 18m backing material: ...

70KN Ball and socket cap for disc insulator

1.material:malleable/ductile iron 2.color:silver 4.surface treatment:hot dip galvanized 5.tensile strength:70KN 6.MODEL type:Q70 model type:Q70With insulator,high voltage power line

Kapton Tube,PI tube,polyimide tube,Insulation tube

Kapton tube is produced by spirally winding strips of polyimide film using a unique adhesive for lamination. Tubing made of this material provides greater electrical, physical and mechanical insulation than most known films. Among its outstanding ...

3.2W/m.k GM400 White Thermal Conductivity Insulation Silicone Grease

3.2W/m.k GM400 White Thermal Conductivity Insulation Silicone Grease JRF-GM400 is a high thermal conductivity thermal grease, low oil yield, low volatility, high reliability, thinner thickness. It can fully wettability transfer interface of heat, ...

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Electrical Insulation Pressboard For Transformer

Electrical Insulation Pressboard For Transformer

Characters: This pressboard is made by Domtar's 100 percent e-grade Non-sulphate wood pulp. High quality raw material makes pressboard with good performance characteristics. Specification: Thickness:1.0mm 4.0mm 5.0mm.etc Width:1100mm*2200mm .....
liquid tight connector

liquid tight connector

DELIKON liquid tight connector and fittings LIQUID TIGHT metal connector,flexible conduit,fittings liquid tight connector,LT connector,LT fittings conector recto hermetico,curvo 90 Liquid Tight Metal Connector With Internal Thread Liquid-tight zinc .....

Piping Automatic Welding Work Station A (PAWWS-24A)

Piping Automatic Welding Work Station A Model: PAWWS-24A Performance features Basic structures: One 6m container made with special technology, 2 Piping Prefabrication Automatic Welding Machine, 2 Auxiliary Trolleys for Automatic Welding Machine, 2 .....

6650(NHN)-Polyimide Film/Nomex Paper Flexible Composite Material

6650(NHN)-Nomex Paper/Polyimide film/Nomex Paper flexible composite material (NHN) is made of two layers of Du Pont Nomex paper with one layer of polyimide film in the centre. Is there any insulation product you need please feel free to contact us .....
Insulated Piercing Clamp

Insulated Piercing Clamp

We can supply 3 kinds of Insulated Piercing Clamp, and which are suitable for difference countries! Picture type-JBC, the size as below: JBC-1 Main conductor 35-70mm tape off 6-35mm JBC-2 35-150mm .....


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Xuchang Ouman International Trading Co., Ltd

Xuchang Ouman International Trading Co., Ltd was founded in 2014 and specialized as the export department of Xuchang Yongteng Insulation Material Co., Ltd. Our main products include Insulation composite, Fiberglass sleeves, Impregnated banding ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Agent

Shenzhen City Jia Rifeng Tai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen City Jia Rifeng Tai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, a total investment of more than 1 million yuan, Jia Rifeng Tai is a professional dedicated to electronic thermal insulation materials research and development, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Others

Shenzhen JiaRiFengTai Eletronic Technology Co

Shenzhen City Jia Rifeng Tai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, a total investment of more than 1 million yuan, Jia Rifeng Tai is a professional dedicated to electronic thermal insulation materials research and development, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

ZhongRui, Ltd

Welcome to our company website, we specialize in producting silicon rubber insulator, surge arrester(lightning arrester), cut out fuse, and composite bushing. Through 6 years,we form strong complete system about export business. High quality, safe ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Suzhou Taiyao Insulation Materials Co., Ltd

Suzhou Tai Yao Insulation Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, which is a production and processing company to produce and process electornic and elctrical grade insulating board, bar and tube materials with strict IEC standards and IPC ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

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3M tapes from Korea

We are looking for the agency of 3M in Korea, we have some good customers who are the suppliers of electronic components and materials in China. We have the good inquiry of 3M-Korea 5590H, 615, 615S, 4378-30C and so on. If you are the agency, please .....


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Manufacturers of UL approved Polyester Lacing cord LP 1010 ( LUDLOW THREAD) may please contact us for our regular requirements.