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Sell:liquid-tight flexible conduit and fittings for electrical wiring

Liquid-tight Flexible Conduits *Galvanized steel strip core with yarn packing (interlocked or square locked) *PVC sheath *3/8"~4" trade size *Liquid-tight *Yarn Packing

carbon tubes tripods FIberGLASS TOOLS HANDLE Hammers stamp shape

ALLFRP COM Light weight and high strength Handle weight with same volume: Hollow iron handle>solid wood handle>hollow aluminum handle>Hollow fiberglass handle Handle strength with same volume: Hollow fiberglass handle> Hollow iron handle> solid wood.....

Lathe Precessing Parts G10FR4

We have the ability to machine electrical insulation laminates into many customize sizes and shapes according to drawings or samples. Typical applications include: Gaskets, punched component, switchgears, terminal strips, test boards, washers, .....

Bushing insulators and epoxy resin parts for MT switchgears and switches

The activity of Shuguang Electric in the production of insulators, accessories for transformers, epoxy and silicone resin parts for switchgears and switches has been progressively developed gaining a sound experience in several applications in GIS .....

supply high quality porcelain insulators

We supply suspension insulator up to 300kN , both normal type & antifog type according to IEC , ANSIC standard,BS ,AU standards and customers' specfication . glaze colour can be light grey , brown,white . we also supply line post insulator ,.....

Sell coil winding tensioner(magnetic tensioner with cylinder)

Magnetic torque tension device produced through the magnetic damping, no mechanical friction, so they can have long-term and stable tension, and the precision can be effectively guaranteed.

fr-4/g10 epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet

FR4 sheet is made of alkali-free E-glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resins by processing under heat and pressure.


Zirconia Ceramic Substrate is made of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia, With a series of excellent physical and chemical properties, it_s extensively applied in many fields. 1)With High electricity conductivity: Y0.09S/cm(900 Celsius), It is used as .....

Movable Orbit-Type Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine

Movable Orbit-type Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine Model: MPCBM-42A/36A/30A/24A/18A/12A/06A Performance features Online-performance: Designed as per the one line equipment of non production line) Beveling Capacity: 8Min /pipeline bevel (DN200 .....
Graphite Felt

Graphite Felt

Carbon fiber felt has the electric conductivity and is an ideal material to manufacture the fuel cell and the exothermic component. Using this material to decorate the electronic apparatus area, it can obtain the multieffects of the electromagnetism .....


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Conductive Fabric Tapes

Solueta Electrically Conductive Tape STN1029WR is pressure sensitive adhesive(PAS) tape that have conductivility for X-Y-Z axis direction. It has low contact resistance and superior adhesive force, can shield electromagnetic interference(EMI) ...
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Knife Handle Material Camo G10

Our Camo G10 has high flexural & impact strength, good machining quality,Advantages: * very bright color, especially suitable for fins application. * absolutely no foreign matter or defects of any kind. * very closed thickness tolerance, flat and ...

Halogen-free Ultra-thin Non-flame Retardant Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Halogen-free ultra-thin non-flame retardant heat shrinkable tubing, made of radiation cross-linked polyolefin, carries excellent physicochemical and electrical properties. Typical applications include insulation of electrical connections or wire ...

bottom flange for station post insulator

Product:bottom flange for station post insulator Material:ductile iron Processing Quality:smooth surface,burr-free,no flow mark Testing:strong corrosion resistanceProduct:bottom flange for station post insulator Technology: Sand casting Process: ...

electric tape pvc insulation tape for wire wrapping

1. Thickness:0.1mm-0.2mm 2. Peeling strength: 1.6-1.8(N/cm) 3. Tensile: 16-28(N/cm) 4. Tensile strength: 160% 5. Percentage elongation: 160% 6. Voltage breakdown: 6.5KV. color diversity, durable, high intensity, sticky tape take the gender is good. ...


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We specialize in metallizing ceramics, and our products are enjoying high reputation for their excellent quality. Our experience in research, development and production enables us to keep pace with today's rapidly changing technology.
Business Type: Manufacturer
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Wenzhou Ziyong Electrical Co., LTD

Wenzhou ziyong electrical Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive and production processing trading enterprise in Zhejiang Province. At present,we are engaged in cable accessories,Like insulation piercing connector,suspension clamp, strain clamp, cable lugs, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer


CYG insulator-a high-tech enterprise established in 1994.specializes in manufacturing composite insulators for electric power and electrical railways.
Business Type: Manufacturer

Hebei Jianhzhi Casting Group Porcelian Insulator Caps Co., Ltd

Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group Porcelain Insulator Caps Co., ltd is one of the branch factories of He beiJianzhi Casting Group Co., Ltd. It has been devoted in investment for research and development of new technology and grown up to major insulator ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group Porcelain Insulator Caps Co., Ltd

Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group Porcelain Insulator Caps Co., ltd is one of the branch factories of Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group Co., Ltd. It has been devoted in investment for research and development of new technology and grown up to major insulator ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

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3M tapes from Korea

We are looking for the agency of 3M in Korea, we have some good customers who are the suppliers of electronic components and materials in China. We have the good inquiry of 3M-Korea 5590H, 615, 615S, 4378-30C and so on. If you are the agency, please .....


we are a leading Egyptian importing company,we are looking for goodquality trade mills electric up to 6HP
Alsobh Company

Want to buy Mosquito repellent lamp

Mosquito repellent lamp, pls give the fob and moq to i.banpot@gmail


Manufacturers of UL approved Polyester Lacing cord LP 1010 ( LUDLOW THREAD) may please contact us for our regular requirements.