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NEMA C Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Sheet

Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheets are made of cotton cloth impregnated phenolic resin by processing under heat and pressure. Type: NEMA C Ref: PFCC201, IEC/ HGW2082, DIN 7735/ C, NEMACharacteristics: - Excellent mechanical properties - High ...

China manufacturer GPO3 sheet

Unsaturation Polyester Glass Mat Laminated Sheet(UPGM203, NEMA GPO3) is made of several layers glass mat impregnated with unsaturation polyester resin by processing under heat and pressure, the natural color is typically red which has excellent arc ...

linear actuator LA7

LA7 is a quiet and powerful actuator designed for use in furniture application. Model:LA7 Input Voltage:24V DC / 12V DC Max. Dynamic Load:6000N (push) / 4000N (pull) Max. Current:6A @ 12V DC, 3A @ 24V DC Max.Speed at No-load :33.3 mm/sec Max.Speed at ...

tongue clevis cap for high voltage insulator

1.material:malleable/ductile iron 2.color:silver 3.tensile strength:70KN 4.Surface treatment:hot dip galvanized 5.model type:C70 6.Brand name:jianzhi 1.material:malleable/ductile iron 2.color:silver 3.tensile strength:70KN 4.Surface treatment:hot dip ...

Fiberglass Sleeving Coated Silicone Resin

The material content of the CB-SRS1-70 is non-alkali fiberglass braided then coated with silicone resin and treated in high temperature. CB-SRS1-70 sleeving with its good dielectric strength, flexibility and flame retarding properties make it high ...

silicone fiberglass blanket

96 oz 3 mm heavy duty silicone coated fiberglass high temperature fabric is sold in 40 (1016 mm) x 150 ft (45 m) rolls. It can be supplied in short cut lengths, customs shapes, or as fabricated curtains with grommets96 oz Silicone Rubber Coated ...

High Voltage Porcelain Anti Fog Disc Suspension Insulator (Xhp-70) with IEC as Bs Approved

High Voltage Porcelain Anti Fog Disc Suspension Insulator (Xhp-70) with IEC as Bs Approved ISO 9001 2008 Material: ductile ironHigh Voltage Porcelain Anti Fog Disc Suspension Insulator (Xhp-70) with IEC as Bs Approved Brand:JianzhiProduct:High Voltage ...

silicone rubber fiberglass sleeving

Silicone Rubber glassfiber Sleeving(inside fiber and outside rubber) , woven as sleeving by non-alkali fiberglass and coated with silicone rubber in high temperature .It has excellent dielectricity ,automatic quench and softness, widely used in the ...

emi shielding gasket

The EMI shielding gaskets are made of spong and conductive fabric which can be used in the gap of the equipments and provide a connection.They have good shield efficiency,impedance of clip measurement,it can be used for the high radiation instruments ...

Copper Clad Laminated Sheet ( CCL Sheet )

Copper Clad Laminated Sheet ( CCL Sheet ) FR-4 CCL is made of flame resistant epoxy glass fabric copper-clad adhered glass fabric by flame resistant epoxy resin.With modify-epoxy glass cloth board.and suitable for making PCB board that used for ...

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Electrical flexible lqiuidtight metallic conduit

Liquid-tight Flexible Conduits and connectors ( Protecting wiring in wet locations ) Liquid-tight conduit is ideal when used with liquid-tight fittings for applications where a high degree of liquid tightness is required. This product is.....

wave solder pallet tin bar

Material: Carbon fiberglass Color: black, red and white fiber Size: 10mm x 10mm x 2000mm, 10mm x 15mm x 2000mm Used to be block the tin flow PCB substrate in wave solder pallets, fixtures and stencils to protect PCB substrate from melt tin flow. .....


Zirconia Ceramic Substrate is made of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia, With a series of excellent physical and chemical properties, its extensively applied in many fields. 1)With High electricity conductivity: 0.09S/cm(900 Celsius), It is used as .....

6650(NHN)-Polyimide Film/Nomex Paper Flexible Composite Material

6650(NHN)-Nomex Paper/Polyimide film/Nomex Paper flexible composite material (NHN) is made of two layers of Du Pont Nomex paper with one layer of polyimide film in the centre. Is there any insulation product you need please feel free to contact us .....
Arc screen plate

Arc screen plate

Miss anne gu 0086-0-13653289943 Skype: anne_gu Produce Name: wire wrapped panel, Johnson Screen plate, flat wedge wire panel with frame, Johnson screen falt panel, flat panel screens, sieve bend, arc screen, slot wire screen plate, stainless steel .....


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Zhejiang Yage Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Yage Electronic technology co.,ltd is a science-based enterprise which get research,development,manufacture,sale together. Our company is a processing manufacture of diverse insulating materials,which mainly produces insulation ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Service

Litack Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

LITACK TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is professional in manufacturing linear actuators and a full range of related electronic controllers. Our products are CE certificated and can be widely used for health care, industrial, construction and ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Wholesaler/Retailer


We are special manufacturer for all kinds pyrojacket, our products with good quality and competitive price, welcome your contact for any details, thank you very much. My skype ID is kathysong0425
Business Type: Manufacturer

Fuzhou Senduo Electric Appliance Ltd., Co

Our company is an enterprise engaged in exporting all kinds of insulators,such as suspension insulator/spool insulator/ shackle insulator/ stay insulator/ pin insulator/line post insulator /wiring insulator etc,we in this field for several ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Anhui Parker Heat Protection

We are a leading manufacturer of heat protection products in China made in China Gold tape, reflect-A gold, gold reflective tape. made in China fire sleeve: thermal protection sleeves, cable heat protector,pyrojacket,fire resistant sleeve,fire ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

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3M tapes from Korea

We are looking for the agency of 3M in Korea, we have some good customers who are the suppliers of electronic components and materials in China. We have the good inquiry of 3M-Korea 5590H, 615, 615S, 4378-30C and so on. If you are the agency, please .....


we are a leading Egyptian importing company,we are looking for goodquality trade mills electric up to 6HP
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Want to buy Mosquito repellent lamp

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Manufacturers of UL approved Polyester Lacing cord LP 1010 ( LUDLOW THREAD) may please contact us for our regular requirements.