Insulation Materials & Elements


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Conductive Metal foil Tapes

Solueta COnductive Adhesive Tape TSS205CMF is designed to provide a prefarential heat-transfer path between heat-generating components and hear sinks or other cooling devices. Heat transfer from the heat sources. Mobile devices, Tablet PC (for ...
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CB-KYNAR is clear, thin wall, flexible, flam-retardant with excellent chemical resistance , it is especially suitable for applications abrasion resistance and cut-through resistance, or superior chemical and solvent properties performance. Provides ...

NEMA C Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Sheet

Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheets are made of cotton cloth impregnated phenolic resin by processing under heat and pressure. Type: NEMA C Ref: PFCC201, IEC/ HGW2082, DIN 7735/ C, NEMACharacteristics: - Excellent mechanical properties - High ...

PI pressure sensitive tape/kapton tape/silicon adhhesive polyimide film tape

Width: according to customer requirement Length: 33m Thickness: seriesThis tape has outstanding physical, mechanical and electrical performance, besides that, high temperature resistance, fire resistance and radiation resistance properties are ...

epoxy fiberglass rod

Fiberglass round rod is the insulation material, as insulating spare parts of the motor and transformer and used in other electrical appliances.Features Dia: 8mm to 300mm Thermal Grade: B/F Color: Green Good mechanical performance and dielectric ...

silicone coated fiberglass sleeve

Silicone rubber coated fiberglass sleeve(sleeving) - Protects hoses, cables and wires from molten metal splash, high heat hazards and occasional exposure to flame, in steel plants, glass plants, foundries, cutting and welding shops and wherever hoses, ...

Insulation shields

****No MOQ limited, small qty order accept**** insulation shield, Surface material:PET or PC used mostly Base: with conductive fabric ideal for anti-electromagnet leakage. Enviromental friendly, excellence quality, quick delivery, good service.

Wireless Sensor With Temperature and Humidity Probe, Recorder for Electrical Industrial, Medical, Co

GSM GPRS WIFI Temperature and humidity alarm,Temperature and Humidity data loggerGSM GPRS WIFI Temperature and humidity alarm,Temperature and Humidity data loggerMRR-R-485GSM GPRS WIFI Temperature and humidity alarm,Temperature and Humidity data ...

Factory Hot Sales G10 Insulation Sheet

Description of G10 FR4 sheet: 1. Grade:G10,FR4 2. Color:Natural Green,yellow,black,blue,red ect. 3. Thickness range:0.2mm-100mm. 4. Size:400*500mm,500*500mm,500*600mm,1000mm*1200mm or customized. 5. Min order quantity:100kgs a lot or 50 sheet. Usage ...

Kapton Tube,PI tube,polyimide tube,Insulation tube

Kapton tube is produced by spirally winding strips of polyimide film using a unique adhesive for lamination. Tubing made of this material provides greater electrical, physical and mechanical insulation than most known films. Among its outstanding ...

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RF Connector

1, Material: Insulator:Teflon Body:Brass Pin and shell:plating Gold flash 2, Electrical Characteristics: Working Voltage:AC250V Insulation Resistance:5000M Ohm Contact Resistance: Center Contact:3m Ohm max Ourter Contact:2.5m Ohm max .....

Piping Automatic Welding Work Station A (PAWWS-24A)

Piping Automatic Welding Work Station A Model: PAWWS-24A Performance features Basic structures: One 6m container made with special technology, 2 Piping Prefabrication Automatic Welding Machine, 2 Auxiliary Trolleys for Automatic Welding Machine, 2 .....

DELIKON metallic liquid tight connector,liquid tight connector and fittings liquidtight connector

DELIKON metallic liquid tight connector,liquid tight connector and fittings liquid tight metal connector liquid tight connector,LT connector,LT fittings conector recto hermetico,curvo 90 Liquid-tight zinc die cast connectors Model: DMA,DMB .....
Nail making machine

Nail making machine

Nail making machine with used steel rod Nail making machine 713, 714 Performance: Using waste material and finished steel rod as raw material. Automatic feeding. Point and head of the nail can be manufactured for one time. It has the features of .....

fr-4/g10 epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet

FR4 sheet is made of alkali-free E-glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resins by processing under heat and pressure.


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Zhejiang Jingjing Insulation Material Co., Ltd

We has been more than 10 years of insulation materials production experience. 2400 tons of vacuum press, fully automatic production lines, two vertical gluing machine, as well as the professional research and development personnel.
Business Type: Manufacturer


About Our Company 1. Being one of the most professional durostone manufacturer in China. 2. 20 years history of research development and manufacture. 3. Professional designers to meet any of your requirements. 4. ISO, EHS, RoHS, SGS certification. ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

JDL Electronics Material Co., Ltd

JDL Electronics Material is a leading professional manufacturer of Bopp Plain Film for Capacitor Use in China, specializing in high temperature capacitor film.This year we expand a new production line---Bruckner "Lisim"which is stretching film in ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd

We are specializing in manufacturing different kinds of products, such as PE heat shrinkable tubing, Teflon tubing, Silicone Rubber Tubing, EPDM Tubing, PVC Tubing ,Identification Tubing and Finish Cables and Wires etc. Volsun is more than a ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Hebei Jianhzhi Casting Group Porcelian Insulator Caps Co., Ltd

Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group Porcelain Insulator Caps Co., ltd is one of the branch factories of He beiJianzhi Casting Group Co., Ltd. It has been devoted in investment for research and development of new technology and grown up to major insulator ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

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3M tapes from Korea

We are looking for the agency of 3M in Korea, we have some good customers who are the suppliers of electronic components and materials in China. We have the good inquiry of 3M-Korea 5590H, 615, 615S, 4378-30C and so on. If you are the agency, please .....


we are a leading Egyptian importing company,we are looking for goodquality trade mills electric up to 6HP
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Want to buy Mosquito repellent lamp

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Manufacturers of UL approved Polyester Lacing cord LP 1010 ( LUDLOW THREAD) may please contact us for our regular requirements.