Inorganic Acids


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sell potassium chloride food additives

1,Chemical Name: Potassium Chloride 2,Molecular Formula : KCl 3,Molecular Weight: 74.55 4,CAS: 7447-40-7 5,Character: It's colorless prismatic crystal or cube crystal or white crystalline powder, odorless ,tasting salty. 6,Usage: It can be used as ...

99% Food Preservative Sorbic Acid

Specifications # Conforms To FCCIV/E200 # 99% Food Preservative Sorbic Acid ITEM SPECIFICATION RESULTS Appearance White crystal or crystalline powder White crystalline powder Assay 99.0% - 101.0% 99.85% Heavy metals (as Pb) ≤10 ppm conform Loss ...

Stearic Acid manufacturers

Molecular formula:CH3(CH2)16 COO, C18H36O2 Molecular weight:284 CAS No:57-11-4 2.Physicochemical Properties: pure product is white with a shiny soft small pieces, melting point 69.6 degrees, the boiling point of 376.1 degrees. Relative density 0.9408, ...

satin-like effect glass etching powder

YK-II satin-like effect glass etching powder takes hydrochloric acid as the media in the production. The kind of etching powder can almost be used to etch the flat glass, glass wares, glass blocks and other glass products. The etching solution is ...

Phosphorous acid

CAS No.: 13598-36-2 Grade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade MF: H3PO3ITEM Best Grade Best Grade H3PO3 99 98.5 Fe 0.001 0.0015 Cl 0.008 0.01 SO4 0.001 0.002 Complexion White crystal White crystalWidely used for the manufacture of phosphite ...

ammonium bisulfie

Apperance :Light yellow liquid Application:1.Oxygen scacenger for oil-gas drilling 2.Used for red wine 3.For water treatmentApperance :Light yellow liquidCAS 1092-30-0Grade: Industrial grade Food gradeare Ammonium sulfite and Ammonium bisulfite .Also ...

Lactic Acid

1. lactic Acid 50% 80% 85% 88% 90% 2. food grade feed grade 3. Powder and clear liquid 4,ISO9001 manufacturer,Kosher,Halal 1:LACTIC ACID 80% FOOD GRADE 2:CAS:50-21-5 3:C3H6O3 4:Assay:80% min 5:MOQ:1mt Package: 25/250/1200kg net drum Shipment: 20~23mt ...

chromic acid 99%,H2CrO4 /CAS NO.: 7738-94-5

Chromic Acid FM: H2CrO4 CAS NO.: 7738-94-5 Purity: 99%min Appearance: Dark-red, flakes or powder. Grade standard: Industrial grade Specification: 99%minUsed in electroplating, metal cleaning, leather tanning, and photography. Quality standard ...

Sodium Benzoate Noodle

Sodium Benzoate Noodle/ED Form is more and more popularly used by all kinds of customers around the world because of its non-dust comparing to granular form but much low-price characteristic.Non-Dust but much lower price comparing to granular sodium ...

High Quality Water Treatment Chemicals Chlorine Stabilizer Cyanuric Acid 99% min

Chemical Name:Cyanuric Acid Molecular Formula:C3H3N3O3 CAS NO :1108-80-5 EINECS NO.:203-618-0 HS Code:2933699090 Purity:99% minChlorine Stabilizer is used for precondition of pool water to make chlorine last longer. It is used at the beginning of each ...

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Phosphoric Acid Food Grade/Phosphoric acid 85% Technical Grade

Phosphoric Acid Food Grade/Phosphoric acid 85% Technical Grade

Specifications US $500/ Metric Ton Phosphoric Acid 85 food grade CAS No:7664-38-2 Main Applications: as cleaner and acidity in food and drink Product Origin..Vietnam General Description CAS No. 7664-38-2 Phosphoric acid 85%&75% food grade is .....
Date: Aug 21, 2016
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Phosphoric Acid 85% food grade

We are a professional Chinese Phosphoric Acid manufacturer,we can supply you Phosphoric Acid 85%min food grade in large quantity and our price is very reasonable,if you have any requirements on them,plz do not hesitate to contact us.
Date: Aug 23, 2016

Sulfamic Acid

We are producing and offering Sulfamic Acid in industry grade. Mail Add: at
Date: Aug 23, 2016

2-Amino-8-naphthol-6-sulfonic acid(Gamma acid)

application: maily used for Azo dye intermediates, manufacturing reactive dyes and direct dyes. ised in direct diazotization black BH, direct dark brown M, dirrect red GB, direct red F, direct M and direct grey etc.
sodium allyl sulfonate as a nickel-plated brightrner in the plating pre-treatment agents

sodium allyl sulfonate as a nickel-plated brightrner in the plating pre-treatment agents

Product Name: Sodium Allyl Sulfonate (SAS) Molecular Formula: C3H5SO3Na CAS NO.: 2495-39-8 Structural Formula: CH2=CH-CH2-SO3Na Molecular Weight: 144.1 2)As the third monomer of acrylic,this produt can improve the dying properities,the heat .....
Shandong Shouguang Songshan Industrial Additives
Date: Aug 22, 2016
Shandong Shouguang Songshan Industrial Additives


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Changzhou Earlybird Chemtech Co, . Ltd

Changzhou Earlybird Chemtech Co., Ltd. is the one of the most leading manufacturers of chelate agents(including EDTA, EDTA-2Na, EDTA-4Na, EDTA-FeNa, EDTA-CaNa2, EDTA-ZnNa2, EDTA-CuNa2, EDTA-MnNa2, EDTA-MgNa2 and other metal salts), AEEA, DMP30,epoxy ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Distributor

Shijiazhuang Xinlongwei Chemical Co, Ltd

Shijiazhuang Xinlongwei Chemical Co.,Ltd passed ISO 9001 Certifying in July of 2017,locating in North China Shijiazhuang City, focus on exporting of Liquid Chemicals and owing 2 factories for producing Hydrogen Peroxide, Caustic Soda Liquid, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter


Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary controlled by Shanghai Electric Group, a listed companies issuing A shares to domestic and B shares to foreign, and a large state enterprises. It's not only one of the "China's 500 ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Service

Zhonglan Industry Co., Ltd

Zhonglan Industry Co., a professional manufacture of EDTA , EDTA-2Na,EDTA-4Na,EDTA-FeNa,EDTA-CuNa2,EDTA-ZnNa2,EDTA-CaNa2,EDTA-MgNa2,EDTA-MnNa2, and other EDTA series of products.She has been in the field for almost 20 years which was ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

Dengfeng City Yuke Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

Dengfeng City Yuke Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the professional glass frosting/etching powder manufacturers in China. Since 1995, we have been engaging in producing a series of glass frosting/etching powder for different glass products. ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

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Hydrobromic Acid Byproduct

Have standard and firm demand for the follows product, if you had the source to supplying, pls contact me ASAP. Product: Hydrobromic acid or Hydrobromic acid byproduct Package: in 200L plastic drums Payment: L/C at sight Quantity: the more the best .....

Wanted formic acid

Dear Sir, We are importers, exporters, buying and selling agents. We are looking formic acid. Kindly contact with complete details and specifications. Best Regards


Dear Sir, We are in the market for following: LABSA 96% (in reconditioned drums) 2 FCL FOB and CFR TUNIS PORT Please immediately let us have your best offers for above per return on FOB and CFR as per destination mentioned above along with the .....


Dear sir, Pls offer us pygas cfr nantong 3000mt with full details. Also pls let us know loading port. we can do it regularly. Pls reply to: happyusr at hotmail dot com. Rgs, Happy

Hydrochrolic Solvent

We demand of Hydrochrolic Solvent leon888wang(at)gmail(dot)com Dr. Leon 50 packs monthly CIF port Taiwan.