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Fiber Optic Cable

We sell world's finest fiber optic cables and related products. For more than a decade, Iteco has successfully expanded its core business of optical fiber cables and related products. Iteco has supplied with a wide range of FO Cables to major ...
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Dome Fiber Access Terminal Closure, 36C, 72C

Integrating splice, splitting and patching, realize the function of fiber optic cross connecting cabinet. Fully mechanical seal, easy for re-entry. 1 mid-span port for loop- through cable and 6 circular branch ports. Reasonable fiber routing and ...

Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)

GPX41-A type ODF applicable to the large capacity exchange, CATV optical system, and trunk optical cable's termination and distribution of optical fiber access network, can easily realize the connection, distribution and scheduling of optical fiber ...

1xN Mechanical Fiber Optic Switch

1xN optic switch is a kind of function devices which can switch optical path. In optical fiber transmission system, it used for multiple light monitoring, LAN, Light/detector, the protection of Ethernet networks connect and conversion etc. In the ...

ASE Broadband Light Source

ASE (Amplified Spontaneous Emission) broadband low coherence light source is an ideal instrument for optical component spectral measurement and system compliance testing in manufacturing and R&D environments. The new generation of ASE sources have no ...

2 Fiber Port and 2 RJ45 Port 1000M Industrial Fiber Media Converter

HTFuture 2 Fiber Port and 2 RJ45 Port 1000M industrial media converter is specially designed for industrial application, which provides fast and stable media conversion. It also meets the requirements of long distance, high speed, and wide broadcast. ...

30m/roll plastic optical fiber cable for swimming pool lighting with a cheap price

Description : Fiber optic cable is a light guide material. It don't emit light itself. So we need use a LED light source engine to give light from its end. As per the light emission and transmissionprinciple, then light travel along fiber to the ...

2ch balanced audio to fiber broadcast transmitter and receiver ,XLR connector FC/SC/ST/LC

support 2 Channel balanced audio 16-bit digitally encoded broadcast quality balanced audio over one multi-mode or single-mode optical fiber.Plug and Play design ensures adjustment-free installation and operation, and optical adjustments are never ...

CWDM Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer

Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer (CWDM) Utilizes Thin Film Coating Technology and Proprietary Design of Non-flux Metal Bonding Micro Optics PackagingFeatures: Low insertion loss, low PDL High Isolation Compact Design Good channel-to-channel ...

optic fiber cable tray

hot sale fiber optic cable tray 1.Fiber duct is a system designedd to [rotect and route fiber optical patch cord,cable assemblies from network cabinet,ODF and other devices. 2.Fiber duct offers ideal solutions for optical raceway requirements and ...

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ST Patch Cord

APPLICATIONS CATV Active device termination Telecommunication networks Metro Local Area Networks (LANs) Data processing networks Test equipment Precise installations Wide Area Networks (WANs) FEATURE ST-ST connectors; For .....
Date: Aug 30, 2016

LC SM Fiber Optic Connector

APPLICATIONS CATV Active device termination Telecommunication networks Metro Local Area Networks (LANs) Data processing networks Test equipment Precise installations Wide Area Networks (WANs) FEATURE Compact, pull-proof .....

security HD-SDI to fiber converter with data for monitor

FEATURES 1 channel video and audio transmission of digital video signal over optic fiber Automatic cable equalization to ensure signal integrity Automatic reclocking 270Mbit/s - 1.48Gbit/s Support signal type: SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 259M .....

e1 fiber modem

CL-FOM100/FOM135 Fiber Modem can modulate G.703 E1 or V.35 signal to single-mode or multimode fiber which extend the transmitting distance of E1 signal greatly. E1 signal support framed and unframed mode. When in framed mode, continuous or .....


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Anray Research Inc.

Anray Research Inc. based in Nanjing, the provincial capital of JiangsuProvince. After the rapid development, Anray Research Inc. has become to be an international supplier which had integrated APIs, Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer
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Shanghai Changyue Communications Co, .Ltd.

Shanghai Changyue Communications Co., Ltd was established in 2009. Located in Minhang district, Shanghai, where is very close to the technological frontier area of China, Huang Pu River. Changyue is one of the pioneers in the high-tech optical ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Shanghai Changyue Communications Co., Ltd.

Our main products include FTTH products, optical distribution products, passive optical products and smart ODN solutions.We are a trusted partner of China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile.
Business Type: Manufacturer

Zhengzhou Weunion Communication Technology Co., Ltd

Weunion Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was established to provide high quality optical fiber products and services for telecommunication development. In the pursuit of our company target, we insist on providing big rang and high quality products ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

Syrotech Networks Pvt Ltd

SyRotech is leading Global manufacturer of Compatible Optical transceivers, Fiber Patch cords/Pigtails, Media Converter, GEPON-OLTs/ONUs, CWDM-AODM , PLC Splitters, LIU, Attenuator ,Adaptor and Lighting Secure SFTP-CAT5e and CAT6e cable . We ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Wholesaler/Retailer
Hong Kong

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Fibre Optic demanded monthly

Dear Sirs, We are a professional manufacturer of tele-communication fibre optic cables in China,We are now in search of a supplier for Fibre optic and hope to establish a long term business relationship. We intend to import Fibre optic to enlarge .....
MD Communication Fibre Optic Cable Co., Ltd, Shanghai Office
MD Communication Fibre Optic Cable Co., Ltd, Shanghai Office

Fiber Optic JV Project

Our client is one of three companies which have won Telkom Indonesia broadband fiber optic project tender bid. The tender value is Rp. 1 Trillion or approximately USD 103,000,000. The scope of the project is fiber optic installation from backbone .....
PT Mitramuda
PT Mitramuda

1310 1550nm CWDM DFB TO-CAN Laser diode with Aspherical or big ball lens cap package

Foxopto Electric Device Limited looking for large qty Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, NEC, Fujitsu, AOI, Lucent, Cyoptics, Agere, Triquint, Jdsu, Fitel, Bookham, Alcatel, Ortel, Nortel laser diode.

Looking for Splice Closure with Splitter

We are looking for FTTH Splicing Closure that have following specification: 1. Support IP 65 2. Having 16 output oulet for drop cable 3. Accomodate 2 pcs of 1 X 8 Splitter 4. Inline type Please send your Quotation to: kartiko(a)buanasgcom Q'ty .....

Accessories for ADSS Cable

Hi All, Pls let me knoe the price and Technical Spefication below: Suspension for ADSS with span 150m: 400pcs - Single Tension for ADSS with span 150m: 650pcs - Double Tension for ADSS with span 150m: 250pcs - .....
Quang Lam Technology
Quang Lam Technology