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Cosmo electric sheath heater

Cosmo Electric Sheath heater uses Korea Traditional Ondol Culture(floor heating system) for ideal residential space heating. Cosmo Electric Sheath Heater does not have periodical maintenance, thermal losses, break down, any smoke after use because it ...
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Far Infrared Heating Panel for High Temperature

To be applied to the large size of room or factory. To be operatured by temperature controller. *Heating temperature: 300~400C radiant after turning on (apply for high temperature). *Far-infrared radiant heating, anion, and silver nano radiant. ...

PTC Heater

PTC heater which have the good characteristics such as temperature rising rapidly. safety and reliability, is the smart and the electricity saved heater.Hair Crimper and Straightener,PTC Heaters for Hot Glue Gun,PTC Heaters for Vaporizer,Heater for ...

TECARBON heating pad & Heater

[Product Description] TECARBON heating pad is non-absorbent , excellent for most corrosive fluids and keep an initial efficiency without pollution and generation of scale by a non-adhesive properties. TECARBON can avoid the disadvantage of decreased ...

coil heater coil heater with thermocouple

coil heater with thermocouple coil heater with high quallity and low price coil heater / heating elements

Washing Machine Heating Element

Washing Machine Heating Element with CE Certificate Specifications ISO9001 CE CQC approved 2.Long life: Above 3000 hours Electric heating element Tooling charge: refundable Samples: free MOQ forAdvantages A. Convenient use; B. Convenient installation; ...

PET film heaters

PET flexible heaters, or FILM heaters, are ideal for applications with space and weight limitations, or where the heater will be exposed to vacuum, oil, or chemicals. These thin, flexible heaters are rugged, accurate and reliable. Benefits of PET ...

6*15mm 12V 20W Top quality 3D printer high-density Cartridge Heater Heating Tube with 160mm cable

Top quality 3D printer high-density Cartridge Heater 12V - 20W with 6*15mm Heating Tube>Smart >Small size >Reliable and stableItem No. BMH-0615-12V-20W Power 12V- 20W Heating Tube size 6*15mm Cable 160mm Application Heating system for 3D printerTop ...

far infrared radiation heating panel

Radiation Panel (For low temperature)- It is a same application system of Sun's radiation heating method to the Earth. The SUNRGB 's heating is a type of far-infrared wavelength. It heats the human body above all and let us feel warm. After a certain ...


* It is safe because of attached the safety switch although the electric stove fall down * There are effective in power saving because you can use strength and weakness of strong by&nbsptemperature controller on the front * You can see a humidity ...
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Sell Soup Kettle(SB-10L)

Name: Soup KettleMadel: SB-10L Specification: Capacity: 10 Liters 230V/50Hz/400W; or 110V/60Hz/400W. NET WEIGHT:4.7kg GROSS WEIGHT:5.6kg PACKING SIZE:340×340×395mm
Date: Oct 27, 2016
Hong Kong
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ZAX-E LCD DISPLAY ( 627D23 ),ZAX-E LCD DISPLAY 627B61,ZAX-E touch screen 627D22,ZAX-touch screen

SKYPE : lotus0804 We can offer all kinds of Toyota Textile Machinery Accessories , parts , such as such as BARRERY ,CONTACTOR ,BOARD SWITCH RH ,BOARD SWITCH LH ,MAGNETIC NEEDLE J3220-01050-00 J3220-01051-00 and so on . LCD DISPLAY: JAT .....
Date: Oct 13, 2016

ceramics dispenser good qualtiy with one water tap

we can do electrical stand up and bable water dispenser and compressor cooler water dispenser we can do the water dispenser for pipeline , it can directness connect water tap to water dispenser ;auto in water modern design, water dispenser use .....
Date: Sep 26, 2016

Supply POU water cooler, Model GR320A

specification: Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz Heating capacity: >=12L/h (>=90 Celsius Degree) Rated total input: 1100W Chilling capacity: <=3L/h (<=10 Celsius Degree) Heating power: 1000W Cooling power: 100W Power consumption: 2.0kwh/24h .....

Ceiling_Wall-hanging Panel Heater

Ceiling and Wall-hanging Infrared Panel Heater [Product Advantages] 1. This ceiling(wall-hanging) pannel heater is healthiful and hygienic. - Emission of high-density far infrared rays and ion - Thermotherapy and Sterilizing effect - Keeping air .....


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Daeone Union Co., Ltd.

Daeone Union co., ltd. is developed in 2008. we are manufacturing, installing and sailing the electronic heating system(cosmo sheath heater, electric boiler, far-infrared heating pannel) with professional technicians. Last 10 years, we have been ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
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TECABON Corporation

[Company Introduction] The Company through research and development between the two years, the heating line of ultra-low power, high efficiency using carbon fiber and equipped with a complete production-ready prototypes are focused on the ...
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Qindao Electric Appliance Co. Ltd

Qingdao Qindao Electric Appliance Co., Ltd was established in 1987 (started to produce the first electric blanket in 1982). With over 30 years history and wide experience, Qindao has established itself as the leading company in the industry in ...
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K.S.D. Electronic Co., Ltd.

K.S.D Electronic Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturer of infrared nano carbon heating panel. It can be widely used in wood sauna house, sauna beauty cabin and carbon infrared IR heating panel. (1) the FIRST to use nano carbon crystal heating panel ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Jiuxing Company

Jiuxing Electrical Appliance Co., LTD(Ninestar)was founded in1996,Located in DongfengTown , Zhognshan city,Guangdong Provice,which is the capital of small appliancesin ChinaIt has about 20 years experience in SmallAppliances manufacture.the main ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

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heater for tank

need heater, cartridge heater for preheating of hydraulic oil. materials. steel. surface change 1.5W/cm2 for hydraulic oils

Heating products

We are looking for best suplier of all home indoor and outdoor heating products such as: - Electric fans, - Aluminium electric oil heaters, - PTC ceramic heaters, - Convector heaters, - Halogen heaters, - Infrared heaters, - ... ..

buy butter production line

1. The production capacity We require is primarily 1Ton/H, with scope to increase gradually. 2. Pure Dairy Milk is input products and the output products would be Butter and Liquid Milk (Processed with Ultra Heat Treatment). 3. Require to pack.....