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SMD LED 5730 60-65LM 6000-7000K

High-intensity, uniform illumination Energy-saving and environmental protection Low-power consumption Well consistency Bins sorting Full-inspection before dispatch Compliant with RoHS DirectiveThe LED are available with different color Utilizing ...

high voltage diodes

Suly this series high voltage diodes can be used in display FBT, negative-ion generator, high voltage power supply for V.T.R. camera, electrostatic spraying, electrostatic flocking, high voltage generator, high voltage test, small-sized X-ray machine, ...


Quality approval from Samsung and LG Electronics, We can supply overseas Samsung and LG factory including China, Thailand, India and Indonesia etc.2% tolerence, Rohm and Hitachi spec. replacement, Korean standard quality control and Chinese cost ...

100mA 0.5W 8mm Round Led 05W08EW6C

Dice material:InGaN Emitting Color 5mm Round Type Lens Type:Water ClearSingle color High bright output Middling power consumption High reliability and long lifeFlux: 28LM Wavelength:5000-9000K Voltage:3.2-3.4V Viewing Angle:120 degwww.ledz.com

Surface Mount UV LED Low Light Decay Germicidal UVC LED 275nm

275nm uv led is a deep ultraviolet light emitting diode with peak emission wavelengths from 270nm to 280nm. The LED is sealed in Ceramic packages with a choice of UV-transparent optical window. It incorporates state of the art SMD design and low ...


Mechanical Data: 1.Case:JEDEC DO-41 molded plastic 2.Polarity:Color band denotes cathode 3.Weight:0.012 ounces,0.34 grams05141N4007 Features: 1.Diffused Junction 2.High Current Capability and Low Forward Voltage Drop 3.Surge Overload Rating to 30A ...

905nm 75W Laser Diode, Quality Pulsed LD

905nm 75W Pulsed Laser Diode Part Number:WSPLD-905-075-1 Wavelength:905nm Output power:75W Low cost Plastic package High Reliability High Temperature stability Long lifetime Laser Radar Range Finding Infrared Illuminators Security Scanners Surveying ...

High Power Laser Diode Module

CNI optics provide semiconductor light emitting devices in 405-2200nm wavelength range for your research, development, and production. You will find a large selection of single mode laser diodes, fiber coupled laser diodes, multimode pump laser ...

Sell Diodes SMBJ58ADO-214AA NG SMCJ170A-13-F SMAZ24-13-F BAV99DW-7-F MMSZ5243BT1G B220-13-F BAT750-7

Diodes part numbers: 99-113UTC-710-TR8 0.8mm Everlight P6SMB150A DO-214AA mark code: NK1 SMB TSC BZT52C10LP-7 9G DFN1006-2 DIODES 1N4148W 75V 0.15A 4NS SOD123 PANJIT RT1N141M mark code: ND NU NJ SOT-23 Mitsubishi BAS70-05-7 100mA 70V 5ns SOT23 Diodes ...

High Power 365nm 375nm 385nm 395nm UV LED Module

1)CMH full inorganic encapsulation 2)Air tightness:MIL-STD-883 3)N2 or vacuum protection 4)High-reliability(2 years warranty) 5)Angle adjustable(60degree,120degree) 6)ROHS electrostatic protection1)This is Vivian, from Bytech Electronics Co., Ltd, the ...

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sell high voltage diodes

sell high voltage diodes

Suly this series high voltage diodes can be used in display FBT, negative-ion generator, high voltage power supply for V.T.R. camera, electrostatic spraying, electrostatic flocking, high voltage generator, high voltage test, small-sized X-ray .....

Surface Mount Standard Rectifier diodes (DSR0.3M)

1) IF (AV): 0.3A 0.5A. 1A 2) VRRM: 400 600 800 1000 V 3) Glass Passivated Chip 4) Package type: SOD-123FL 0.3A0.5A1A 400VDSR0.5GDSR1G 600VDSR0.5JDSR1J 800VDSR0.3KDSR0.5KDSR1K 1000VDSR0.3MDSR0.5MDSR1M
Graphtec holder, Roland holder, Pen holder

Graphtec holder, Roland holder, Pen holder

The Plotter Cutting Machines are used for cutting various papers such as vinyl, velvet, sticker papers etc. The machine works like a computer printer. The Printer prints on the paper and The Plotter cuts the paper.This machine is attached to a .....


SMD0402 1) Outline szie: 1.0X0.5X0.45mm, 2) View angle: 140 degrees 3) Available color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White 4) Package: 4000pcs/ Reel SMD0603 1) Outline szie: 1.6X0.8X0.7mm, 2) View angle: 140 degrees 3) Available color: Red, .....

2SA series PNP silicon power transistors

2SA124 2SA765 2SA1042 2SA1184 2SA1357 2SA1670 2SA473 2SA766 2SA1043 2SA1185 2SA1358 2SA1671 2SA505 2SA768 2SA1044 2SA1186 2SA1359Y 2SA1672 2SA614 2SA769 2SA1050 2SA1187 2SA1360 2SA1673 2SA626 2SA770 2SA1051 2SA1195 2SA1386 2SA1679 2SA627 2SA771 .....


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Eco-protect is a venture firm specializing in designing the process for controlling water quality, ozone, and bacteria removal under the motto,Pursue the best technology to protect the environment to be clean and safe.
Business Type: Manufacturer
YES Gold YES Gold Member

Zhongshan Silsmart Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

We can supply LED lamp, SMD led, Dip LED, Dot matrix display with good quality and competitive price for you. Our Zhongshan Silsmart Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a High-Tech joint venture specializing in all kinds of LED component, LED landscape ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter


Anshan Suly Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional high technology enterprise that focuses on R&D, design and production of high voltage rectifier components for various fields. Our main products are high voltage silicon stacks, industrial special ...
Business Type: Manufacturer

Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd

Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd. is the earliest and the most professional UV LED manufacturers engaging in UV LEDs with complete series of products, stable quality and competitive prices. Our products are widely applied in banknote counting ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Distributor

Wuhan Wuzheng Rectifier Co., Ltd

Wuhan Wuzheng Rectifier Co., Ltd, a leading Power Semiconductor Manufacturer and Expert in China locates in the Optics Valley of China, Wuhan East Lake National High-tech Development Zone. Established since 1970, Wuhan Wuzheng Rectifier has been ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler/Retailer

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laser diode for diamond cutting

want 5 diode name: 75W CW Diode

looking for diode rectifier distributor

This is Simon from China, we are TOP 1 manufacturers of diode rectifier in China, and we plan to set an agent office/distributor in South Korea, Actually, Samsung tried to do business with us, but we can't agree with his payment credit. If you are .....

Auto diodes

We want to buy Auto diodes as the image attached Please give me quotation on the following each 2 months 30,000 pcs 25A/600V 5,000 pcs 25A/1000V 10,000 pcs 35A/600V 5,000 pcs 35A/1000V Also Please give me quotation for Cu Base only metal part. .....

LED GROW LIGHT 300W and higher

I need Red and Blue 8:2 LED Grow Lights. Must be shipped to Saipan, MP 96950 (a US Commonwealth in the Pacific). Provide MOQ/Price. Must be able to cover a growing area of 20' x 12'
Trans Pac Inc.
Northern Mariana Islands
Trans Pac Inc.
Northern Mariana Islands

LED clock

Looking for LED digital indoor clock. 1) 16'' digit height, 88:88 red color with GPS Satelite synchronizaiton 2)5'' digit height 88:88 Amber color with GPS Satelite synchronizaiton please send the price and pictures, also the shipping.....
Amberled Ltd.
Amberled Ltd.